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Keep calm and style on: how to create a balanced home environment

Keep calm and style on: how to create a balanced home environment

Nikki Hill practices what she preaches. The Naturopath and founder of works from home, creating women’s health products. She believes a calm, pleasing home does more than just improve your mood. “Studies have shown [a well-designed home] can have a positive effect on your immune system. If you’ve had a busy, stressful day it’s important to have a space you feel safe and comfortable in.” We took a tour of the five-bedroom home she shares with her husband Chris and two sons, to learn how to create a balanced environment to boost both mental and physical health.

Look and feel

“The Ritchie sofa and armchair go perfectly in the living room. They’re contemporary and look gorgeous near the exposed brick wall. They’re also super comfortable and where I sit to do most of my work.” Your home can have a massive impact on your wellbeing so creating a beautiful space that feels and flows well is essential.

Call of nature

“I’d recommend bringing nature into your house – whether it’s a house plant, fresh herbs, fresh flowers etc. They make the room feel alive and help purify and re-oxygenate the air. They also absorb radiation from electronics so it’s healthy to have them dotted around.”

Live green

“According to NASA studies, plants also help improve productivity and lower stress. My favourite air-purifying plants are English ivy, peace lilies, aloe vera, succulents, cacti, snake plants and ferns. They’re all low-maintenance, too.”

Soothe, real soothe

“I’d recommend placing vases of flowers (I love eucalyptus) or plants or pots of herbs by your counter, bed, sink or on the kitchen table. They have instant soothing capabilities.”

Hygge is the word

“I love creating little cosy pockets that make you feel calm. Soft textures are great for that. I love adding throws, sheepskins and cushions to really soften a space.”

Back to basics

“If there’s a lot of mess or too much unnecessary stuff in the house, it can clutter your mind and add to your stress levels. I think it’s about simplifying our already hectic lives and getting back to basics.”

Feeling blue

“The paint colours you choose in your home can have a profound effect on your mood too. I suggest, for a quiet, more relaxing atmosphere to go with natural tones - tranquil blues, greens, greys and whites.”

In the frame

“I love the green velvet Frame armchair. It’s so contemporary and cool. It complements all the green plants I have in the house.”

Shine a light

And it’s not all about material items. Nikki has a bright idea when it comes to atmosphere: “candles and low lighting from lamps can help relax your home.”

Got wood?

“I love mixing textures in my home, and as the kitchen is all-white and very contemporary, I wanted a dining table that was made of wood to bring a little warmth and rustic charm to the room. The Iona dining table is perfect, and it is nice and long so when friends come around we can all sit around and enjoy our meals together.”

Be our guest

And how does Nikki stay clutter-free with a young family of four? “My husband and I move quite a lot and have become very good at parting with things we no longer need. As I work from home I have clients dropping in all the time and there’s nothing like people coming over to inspire you to be clean and tidy.”

Work/life balance

“I try to put my work away in the evenings and at the weekends to be present with my boys and let the house get a bit dirty and chaotic then. We love to get out on the weekends hiking in nature and this is good for us all.”

Back to nature

“I love our garden - it was the reason we bought the house. We opted for big sliding windows out the back so we could sit inside comfortably but feel a sense of being in nature no matter what the weather.”

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements
Photography by: Joanne Crawford

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