Wanderlust: Miami meets Cairo in a fashion designer’s Parisian flat

Wanderlust: Miami meets Cairo in a fashion designer’s Parisian flat

Painting a room pink isn’t daring to Alix Petit – the founder and designer of fashion brand Heimstone. Fond of both travel and prints, Alix and her husband Onur have created a global-inspired interior which reflects their love of adventure. Take the tour of their 150-square-metre Parisian flat and see the world from mid-century Americana to laid-back Australia.


Back in Paris

After living in New York for four years, Alix and Onur decided to move back to Paris with their three-year-old daughter, Ellis, and new arrival, Panda. The couple loved the neighbourhood instantly but the apartment needed some work: “It was in good condition but the previous owner painted the whole apartment black from floor to ceiling. We repainted it... but kept the black wooden floor. The apartment also didn’t have a kitchen,” says Alix.

Make it your own

Renovations can turn a lot of people off when buying a property, but this pair were more than happy to transform the space: “I think interior styling is a great way to express yourself and reflect your state of mind. We prefer to create an ambience and atmosphere rather than a specific style. We have no problem with mixing themes, inspirations and colours.”

Welcome to Miami

“Our living room’s a bit like Miami Beach in the 70s.” With the rattan furniture, exotic house plants, brass cocktail bar, and blush pink hues, it looks quite feminine, however “it was my husband’s idea. Most people think the pink walls were mine but they were actually his. We used Calamine from Farrow & Ball.”

Affordable luxury

“We’ve always wanted a cocktail bar but we didn’t have enough space. So I created a cocktail corner with a vintage drinks trolley that I found for 30 euros. It’s a real gem. It pairs really well with the Faye marble floor lamp which brings luxe and glamour.”

Travel inspiration

“My husband’s from Turkey but grew up in Australia, then lived all over the world. I’m Parisian and a US lover. We both lived in New York for a long time and we both travel all the time. The colour palette is influenced by this cosmopolitan inspiration but the style remains quite clean.”

Treasure chest

“I love the Daven trunks because they can be used in so many ways. I like storing wood logs for the fireplace in them. My daughter puts her toys in them. Also, the yellow works really well against the pink wall. It adds a bold touch which pops very nicely.”

New York, New York

While living in New York, Alix loved her white tiled kitchen. She recreated the look and feel using metro tiles and industrial pendant lights: “The kitchen’s the most important room in our home. That’s why we put it right in the centre. You have to walk through it to enter the flat.”

The heart of the house

“We cook a lot. And as the kitchen extends into the living room, it’s great for dinner parties. It was actually our biggest challenge. It was a miracle that we managed to fit it into such a small space. We don’t have any top storage. Everything is lower down, hidden in the bottom cupboards.”

Binge-watching paradise

“The TV room was my biggest indulgence. I love cosying up and watching a good film. I wanted this room to look quite different to the rest of the flat. The bamboo lamps add an Asian feel and the wallpaper represents an Egyptian scene.”

Lines and structures

“The Esme TV unit is one of my favourite MADE.COM pieces. I love its lines. It’s quite hard to find a stylish TV unit. I like its clean shape and the 70s-inspired design. Plus, it’s a practical piece thanks to its drawers and shelves.”

Make a great impression

“For my older daughter’s room, I wanted a more 'grown-up' style that wasn’t too girly or pink. I’m a colour and wallpaper addict and I chose a style designed by India Mahdavi. Mixing all of those elements without being over the top was a real challenge.”

Night and day

“I adore my husband’s office. We took down a wall and found the round, stairwell wall behind it. We wallpapered it with a pattern from Gucci. The room was really dark because it was painted black. Now, it’s the total opposite. It’s white and very bright.”

Paris, I love you

“The hotels I visit inspire me. For our bedroom, I wanted a Parisian hotel vibe. A simple and comfortable room that’s furnished in a minimalistic way. It’s a quiet room dedicated to sleep and rest. I use bold textiles like my linen Brisa bed set to brighten it up.”

Let there be light

“I had a big crush on the Faye table lamps. I bought two – one to sit on either side of the bed. I find them relaxing. I think lighting is one of the most important things in interiors so I’m really picky when I’m choosing a lamp.”

Article written by: Manon Folligan
Photography by: Julie Ansiau

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