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The simple trick to stop your succulents from dying this winter

Are you a serial succulent killer? Same. Plant pros Floom reveal the one thing you’re probably doing wrong.

Newsflash: most houseplants don’t die due to neglect. The opposite, in fact. Like us, succulents need air to breathe. By overwatering, you’re essentially drowning your poor little plant baby. Experts Floom have a simple three word fix: check the soil. “Water until the soil's soaked, but not again until it's completely dry.” The best way to check? Get touchy-feely. If the soil’s still soggy, step away from the succulent—no more moisture’s needed. But if the top layer is bone-dry, get it wet. Watering when your plants look thirsty, rather than sticking to a regimented routine (especially in winter when central heating dries the air), will take your plant parenting skills from zero to hero.

Article written by: Natalie Wall

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