How to achieve ambient lighting at home

With longer nights drawing in, it’s important to keep your space feeling warm and welcoming. Our favourite winter home hack? Soft, ambient lighting. Read on to find out how to get that golden hour glow in your own four walls.



1. The more, the merrier

The best way to achieve an ambient atmosphere is to spread several light sources around your room. Start with some table lamps – place one on your media unit and another on your side table. If you like to change up the look of your space, we suggest picking a simple base like Qasim, which can be mixed and matched with whatever shade you like. This gives you the freedom to swap it out whenever it’s time to redecorate – or if you simply fancy something new.

2. In every corner

Illuminate even the darkest of corners by investing in a floor lamp. A tripod design like Irvin will make a real statement placed next to your sofa. Or go for an angled style like Ogilvy to shine a light on your reading nook (best accompanied by a cushioned accent chair). Room on the petite side? Slimline options like Joslin and Nyro have a small footprint, so they’ll tuck perfectly where nothing else will.

3. Shading away

The key to achieving a calm and cosy glow? Opaque shades. The rule of thumb: you don’t want to see any bulbs here. Fabric lampshades made from silk or linen will prevent too much light from getting through, as will solid materials like wood and metal. We shouldn’t have favourites, but if we had to pick, it’d be Oro. That metallic golden interior amps up the shimmer, and complements both modern and mid-century design schemes. 


4. Materialising

The material of your lampshade will affect the look and feel of your whole room. We’d recommend choosing natural materials in soft, earthy colours to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’re not too keen on the fabric options mentioned above, opt for a bamboo style like Sagres or Yen. Though they’re not quite as opaque, they’ll still diffuse the light gently and evenly (and they happen to be a top interior trend).

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