Want to be fearless with fabric? Here’s how.

Print-obsessed seamstress Juliet Uzor –winner of The Great British Sewing Bee– is known for transforming vibrant African textiles into next-level outfits. And unsurprisingly, her home is a riot of eye-catching patterns and prints. Her secret to nailing fearless fabric combos? Read on to find out.



1. Take the plunge. Bold fabrics and colourful pieces are an easy way to add personality to your space. If you’re not sure what’s going to work, just be brave and experiment.

2. A neutral background lets bolder pieces take centre stage, so toned-down walls are your friend. If you’ve opted for patterned wallpaper or curtains, pick block-coloured furniture to stop the room looking busy. 

3. Test it out. Before adding a new fabric, get hold of a sample. Live with it for a few days and move it around to see where it works – it’ll give you the confidence to introduce it properly.

4. Pay attention to scale. If you’re layering prints together, break up larger patterns with smaller, more intricate designs. And if you want a print to stand out, place it on top of a block colour, like a patterned cushion on a vibrant accent chair.

5. To avoid clashes, choose one or two accent colours and make sure they’re in every print you use. Nod to these colours with smaller accessories like planters and wall art to tie the room together.

Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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