How to breathe new life into your living room with rugs

Just finished your renovation, but feeling a bit like something’s missing? When you’re just dealing with those post-DIY bare bones of a room, it can be hard to decide on the smaller details to bring it all together. So let’s start in the living room. Our top tip to bring in warmth, personality and style? An oversized rug. The living room deserves a closer look – there are so many to choose from for in here, after all, and it can really set the scene. Pick the perfect one, and your room could seem bigger and (more importantly) cosier. It’s all in the size, texture, colour, and how you’ve set up the rest of the furniture. Ready for some advice? Read on.



Choosing a rug

With so many different options, it can be hard to navigate through a sea of sizes, colours, textures and patterns. So how to choose the perfect floor filler? Don’t rush it. Consider the look you’re hoping to create in the living room. Want those Nordic vibes? You can go super fluffy, with muted tones and a thick wool pile or tuft. More of a retro fanatic? Something patterned, with blocked colours or shapes could be just the thing – it’ll bring together any furniture that could feel a little disjointed.

If everything else is neutral, and you want the exact opposite, you’ve got free rein to explore statement rugs in all kinds of colours and patterns. Don’t be afraid to match a natural-toned sofa with something bold coloured, or sit a striped rug under a pair of subtle armchairs. In need of something a bit richer? Try a patterned design – they’re sure to add a premium feel to your living space.

Size and shape

When you think of getting a rug, the first thing to pop into your mind is likely a rectangular one. While this is super versatile, and will work in most spaces, there are other options out there. Circular rugs are great centrepieces, and according to feng shui, circles bring in positive energy, and help with the flow of the room. Good vibes, right? An asymmetric or shaped rug can break up any clean lines, and add a little playfulness too. Can’t decide on one? A few smaller rugs is a unique way to get that cosy factor going. We’d stick to the same shape if you’re planning to do this, though.

All the feels

Sinking your toes into a high pile rug instantly gives you that warm, cosy feeling – it’s a treat for those bare feet. And not only you that’s feeling comfy. The softness of carpets will make any space a whole lot more welcoming, and it’ll seem warmer. Rugs are also a great way to reduce any annoying echoes too, so those after-dinner conversations will feel that much more intimate.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, rugs are actually a handy addition if you suffer from allergies. The fibres will attract and catch dust particles, so you’ll see much fewer dust balls rolling around the room. Just make sure you regularly give your rug a once-over with the vacuum, and you’ll notice your allergies ease up. Magic carpet? Well, almost.

How to place your rug

Feeling inspired by something you’ve seen on the ‘gram? We know the feeling. And while whoever’s posts you’re lusting after might have a seriously stylish piece, it’s often the arrangement of the room that pulls it all together. So how to get the right placement for your rug? Well, it depends on the size and shape of your room, plus the furniture you’ve already got. Whether you have a large living room or just a small corner in the house, the right rug will balance out any situation.

Getting the hang of your open plan

Large living room rugs are great if you want all your furniture to feel like it's been seamlessly put together. This’ll work well in open plan spaces, to help create continuity throughout your home, and will help you to create a dedicated ‘zone’ of comfort. Our one rule? No matter how large your rug is, try to get it about 40cm away from the closest wall. It’ll look thought-out, and avoid anything feeling too cramped.

Smaller space tips

If you’re a bit worried about the price of a large rug, slightly lacking in square-footage, or want to show off your new laminate flooring, a mid-size rug is the one for you. To place a slightly smaller rug, pop it underneath at least the front two legs of your sofa or armchair. Believe it or not, this gives the illusion of more room. Handy.

The exception to this rule? A statement rug like we mentioned earlier. This’ll call for attention on its own, so you might want to keep it free from any overlapping furniture. Like the work of art it is, it’ll need framing – so leave a bit of a rim between the edges of the rug and your furniture.


Just because your home is carpeted doesn’t mean you can’t give your living room some character. Placing your rug on the carpet can breathe new life into a rented space, or add colour and pattern to a subtler carpeting choice. We’d recommend you add a rug pad on the underside of your rug – this helps it to stay in place and avoids any slipping. 

Whether you’re adding warmth, colour or dimension, your new rug is the way forward. Which one you choose and where you put it is all up to you. The only thing we’ll need you to promise us? Shoes off at the door, please.