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How to choose dining chairs to match your table

We all know the story – that chair’s too small, that one’s too big. One’s too hard, the other’s too soft. Luckily, we know how to find one that’s just right. Here’s how to choose dining chairs to match your table (plus a few suggestions for those, too).



1. Modern

Into bold silhouettes, sleek lines and a little bit of drama (the furniture kind)? Then your modern dining table should ooze understated luxury – just like Corinna, Niven and Tandil. The best chairs to pair these with? Slim legged, with cushioned seats and scooped backs. You’ll need all that comfort when dinner turns into drinks. Nuno’s curves soften any table’s harsh lines, while Braga’s refined velvet adds effortless opulence to your home. Another modern trademark? Sculptural shapes. Get your fix from Boone and those angled legs.

2. Scandinavian

Consider yourself a host with the most? Scandinavian dining is one for the masses. Gather around a large wooden table (better yet, an extending one) for any last minute add-ons. The focus here is on craftsmanship, seen in Jenson’s tapered legs and Albers’ cutout detailing. Let everyone pile onto a coordinating dining bench, or pull up a matching wooden chair. The silhouettes should be clean and fresh, but always draw from traditional design. Try Tacoma or Deauville – they’re the next best thing to calling in a carpenter.

3. Retro

Natural materials, an earthy colour palette and pops of brightness: that’s the retro look. So when it comes to your table, think deep, warm wood like Joseph or Safia. These pieces help to create a nostalgic space, whether you’re sitting down to a family meal, or lunch with friends. This means comfort comes first, inspired by the rounded shapes and soft fabrics of the 60s and 70s. Take your pick from rich velvet, statement shapes or a mix of both.

4. Industrial

Pared-back but never boring, refined but relaxed – industrial styling is easier than you think. In the dining room, we’re talking heavy metals, stained wood, leather and concrete. Cooking and dining feels occasional, so a statement setup is key – Tanaro’s marble top is industrial-made-luxe, and Lomond’s cool combo of wood and metal is an elegant take on utilitarian design (note the matching dining bench, too). Picking a perch is easy this time – if it’s crafted from metal or upholstered in leather, you know you’re onto a winner. We took the hard work out of this one.

5. Classic

You’re traditional, with a modern edge. Guests or not, you’re dedicated to your dinners, and you need a table and chairs that live up to the cuisine. Your table’s a subtle twist on shaker style – Belgrave and Iona keep it simple, updated with fresh finishes and sophisticated details. The criteria for your chairs? Elegance. Margot’s buttoned back takes inspiration from the living room – those chesterfield sofas are the ultimate in luxe. Julietta and Lule are a contemporary take, in the dreamiest of velvets, no less.

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