How to choose the right accent chair for you

Need something to fill that cosy corner? Somewhere to perch when the sofa’s taken? An accent chair’s the answer. And we’re here to help you choose one. First things first: identify your style. That new piece needs to flow with the rest of your home, after all. So whether revival’s your vibe, or industrial’s more your thing, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time.



1. Retro

Want retro vibes? You’re in the right place. Accent chairs are made for mid century-inspired homes. Go for an angled design like Roco to make a real statement – now sit down, put on a record, and sip an old fashioned like it’s the summer of ’69. Not a big velvet fan? Then go for fabric in earthy shades like yellow or orange – just as groovy. Tapered wooden legs finish off the look. 

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2. Nordic

Nordic style is calm, warm and welcoming, and Kolton’s all three – this reclined design is the next best thing to being in bed. Curling up with a book? It’s so much better in a chair that hugs you in. Try Oslo or Belle. Colours are mostly muted here, with dusty pinks, blues and greys, but a pop of sunshine yellow sits just right, too. Fabrics are soft – think velvet, cotton, and even faux sheepskin. That reading nook’s never looked so good.

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3. Modern

When we talk modern, we’re talking high-end, European-inspired design. And if your living room’s full of linear luxury, these accents will feel right at home. Boxy chairs like Mitski are contemporary and chic, sat on slim metal frames and legs. The colours? Keep it simple, and tonal – navy, blue and grey. Or choose a subtle pattern like Knox for a smart focal point. Modern style’s here to make you feel all grown up.

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4. Industrial

Industrial more your thing? We’ve got the perfect addition. These accent chairs mix elegance and edge – contrasting plump shapes with angular metallic frames. Leather’s the star of the show in seats like Stanley and Gabe – they’re so sleek. After something a little more laid-back? A soft grey style will work for you, too. And as for pattern? Don’t be afraid to be daring. Bold pieces like Moby and Frame sit well with the darker tones of an industrial interior. Think urban, but understated.

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5. Classic

Got a vintage-inspired space? A classic accent’s the one for you. It’s all in the (traditional) details – buttoned backs and carved wooden legs set this style apart. You’ll love the clean lines and soft silhouettes, seen on Osmond and Esther. Almost everything’s velvet, with woven fabrics stepping in as an alternative. The palette’s a rich mix of navy, blush pink and green. Imagine these by the fire – member’s club interiors are the mood. Can we get you a drink?

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