How to choose the right mirror

Before whipping out the hammer and nails, consider your mirror's function as well as its form – do you need it to bounce light around the room, or to help you with your morning makeup routine? Avoid seven years of bad looks with our handy tips.

1. Location, location, location  

Mirrors are multifunctional: they can be used to reflect a nice view, to bounce around light, or to create the illusion of extra space. So when deciding on where to hang your mirror, you'll first need to decide on what you're using it for. If it's to make your room feel brighter, place it opposite a window. If it's to create the illusion of more space, hang it opposite a blank wall – you don't want it to reflect clutter back at you.

2. Shape up

Landscape mirrors will make your room seem wider, while tall, portrait mirrors will make your ceilings appear higher. So use your mirror to exaggerate your room's proportions, and boost whatever dimensions you're lacking. The shape of your mirror is where your taste triumphs: round mirrors look more relaxed – perfect for Scandi interiors. Angular mirrors, meanwhile, will add a contemporary or classic feel, depending on the colour and frame type you choose.

3. Size matters

The size of your mirror should be dictated by the size of your room and walls. If you’ve got bags of space, you might as well make the most of it – a large design like Alana or Arles will make your surroundings appear even more airy and spacious. Prefer something smaller? Just remember that a tiny mirror on a large wall will look lost and out of place. Instead, try clustering smaller styles together to create a gallery wall.

4. Pick its purpose

Different mirrors serve different purposes. Checking your outfit? You'll need a full-length mirror. Choose from free-standing, hung or leaning – judge it by how much floor space you have to play with. Need a mirror for your morning skincare routine? A compact design like Lilo will sit perfectly on your bedside table or bathroom cabinet, and can be moved around easily from room to room.

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