How to: colour in the living room

So you found the perfect wall colour for your room. And whether you’ve transformed a small space with advice from paint experts Lick, or gone all out with rainbow brights, it’s time to fill your room with furniture. The only brief: it’s better in colour. Here’s how to do it in the living room.



1. Start with the sofa

First up, your focal point. More often than not, your sofa’s the biggest piece in the room, and the most likely to grab attention – so opt for a vibrant hue like Scott or Lottie. The retro look is always on trend, and it’s almost impossible to go overboard (please don’t mention shag carpets). Feeling green? This’ll pop against your natural pieces and create a botanical, bohemian oasis. And for our final recommendation, a pink sofa like Amicie lets you really go all out. Match your chairs and storage to amp up the romance – it’s the Insta-friendly choice. Let there be likes.

2. Pick a floor filler

It’s easy to cram in more colour with a patterned rug – just ask Holden or Pyramid. To avoid the room looking cluttered, you’ll need a rug that features the colour of your sofa. So if you’re sitting on pink or yellow, something like Juula will work, and Jangala’s leafy motif will look dreamy underneath a green seat. For a subtler approach? Focus on texture instead, like Helgar or Hayden. Solid colours feel a little more refined, and makes switching up your accessories so much easier. Whatever the colour, build the rest of the room around it.

3. The little things

Your rainbow room will come together with accessories. Just follow our top tip: go for cushions that have similar undertones to your sofa. So pair up warm tones like pink, orange, yellow and red, and likewise for the cooler blues and greens. You can also change up your shelves to suit your mood – or to match a new coat of paint. Think playful displays of vases (plus vibrant dried flowers) and plenty of plants in pots. Calm and collected? Yes. But colourful, too.

4. To the walls

And finally? Look sideways. The great thing about wall art is that you can bring in lots of colour with just one piece. Having colour at different heights creates a streamlined look – no matter how abstract or graphic your art is. Want something a little less obscure? We’ve got you on that, too. Try an illustrated print, a retro-inspired travel poster – or everything at once. You know that gallery wall will get you a few trend points, too (here’s how we’d do it). Anything goes, as long as it isn’t monochrome.

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