How to declutter your living room

The living room. It’s where you relax, work, and play. And in multi-use spaces like this, mess is the last thing you need. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. So before you line up the box set, open your book or pour that coffee, it’s time to get tidy. From clever storage solutions, to easy quick-fixes, follow our tips for your best (and most organised) living room setup yet. It’ll only take a minute – that’s about as long as the video below. Go on, we’ll time you.

Step 1: Clear surfaces

Mess = stress. And the first step to being clutter free is a simple one: clear your surfaces. Your coffee mug from two days ago? Time to scrub up. That pile of books that just keeps getting bigger? On the shelf, please. All your things need to be put in their place. And if they don’t have a place, make one. Designate a drawer in your sideboard, tuck away in the TV stand, or show it all off in a glass fronted cabinet like Marden. The key? Keep on top of things. So your things aren’t kept on top of your surfaces.

Step 2: Plump cushions and fold up blankets

Your quick fix to looking put-together? Plump it up. Your cushions, that is. It’ll help your sofa feel more comfortable, and look so much neater. Once you’re done, arrange by colour and fabric, or mix and match if that’s more your thing. Just because you’re tidying, it doesn’t mean you can’t play around with texture. Next? Time to fold. Tuck away your blankets in storage baskets or trunks when they’re not in use. Duvet day? Never happened.

Step 3: Get organised

Staying tidy = looking good. And our top tip for getting organised? Pretend you’re preparing to take a great ’gram. So stack up your favourite magazines, arrange those trinkets. And for the things that won’t look so good on your grid? Time to put that hidden shelf to use. Keep your space minimal, curated and creative, too – you can still show your personality. And for any #shelfie prep? We nailed it in step one.

Step 4: Switch up the scenery

Tidy house, tidy mind. It goes without saying. Another way to reduce clutter in your living room – and in your brain? Change up the scenery. Put your leafy friends front and centre, experiment with vase and objet heights, and prop up your favourite prints. It’s time to make a scene. One look at your new, improved display? You’ll be inspired to keep the rest of the room calm and clutter free. Now, clear up.

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