How to feng shui your bedroom

Your bedroom: the place you escape to for rest and relaxation – or even just a little peace and quiet. The secret to making it even more zen? Feng shui. Read on for our tips on how to master the art of arranging.



1. Symmetry is key

In a zen bedroom, symmetry is key. Choose a spacious bed as your centrepiece and opt for matching bedside tables that can be placed on either side of your sleep spot. If your room's on the small side and there's not a lot of space for tables, try some wall-mounted lamps instead. They can be placed above your headboard to create a tranquil glow.


2. Natural is best

In feng shui, wood represents growth and vitality, so pick out natural pieces like Rumer and Modica. Next, make sure your textiles are just as down to earth by investing in cotton or linen bedding. Lastly, top things off with a soft bedspread.


3. Soothing colours

Earthy colours are known to bring us peace and balance (more on that here), so start with an organic palette as your base, and then add fiery accents in red, pink or orange. Prefer to keep things cool? Tranquil shades like soft blue and pale green will work here, too.

4. Keep clutter-free

Feng shui encourages a tidy mind as well as a tidy home – that means no full-to-the-brim cabinets or things stuffed under the bed. To keep things neat and organised, we’d recommend closed storage like a chest of drawers or a double wardrobe with extra shelving space. Finally, put away anything that’ll distract you from a good night's sleep, like your laptop and phone. Counting sheep? Not us.


Article written by: Jos Nuijten

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