How to get the most out of your bedroom storage

Not quite living out your walk-in wardrobe dreams? We know the feeling. And while we can’t quite get you to your full Carrie Bradshaw potential, stylish and functional storage is easily achievable in all kinds of homes – whether you’ve got plenty of square-footage, or need to maximise every millimetre you’ve got. And the best news? It doesn’t have to break the bank. From ready-made products to just set up and go, to customised solutions especially for you, we’re here to help you get the most out of your bedroom storage.



Decisions, decisions

Whether you’re weighing up your wardrobe options in a brand new home,  or rethinking what you’ve already got, you should always try to look at it from a few angles. Thinking ahead can save future you from any headaches, and careful consideration helps to optimise your budget. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you a neat freak or the master of mess? Minimal or going the extra mile? Your storage should reflect your lifestyle – and here’s how to prioritise the space you dedicate to it.

Believe it or not, one size doesn’t fit all in this case, and a standard wardrobe can be too much, or not enough. Decide what you want this space to do – those in full Marie Kondo mode might seek something totally different to any secret shoe hoarders out there. Think about your preferences in advance – you don’t want to set up your wardrobe to find you can’t fit everything in, or that you don’t own enough to adequately fill up those shelves.

In most places, there’s a big difference between summer and winter climates, and we all know the British summer can be unpredictable at best. Consider seasonal dressing – do you need everything you own on display, or want to wait until the sun shows its face? Vacuum-packing or storing your weather-dependent items away can help you keep on top of things, but the downside is they’re not always in reach. Consider this when you’re designing your bedroom set up.

Get organised

If you’re lucky enough to have lots of room, the question here isn’t what, it’s how. Finding an order to everything is key. Customisable fitted wardrobes offer versatile, personalised settings – pick and mix from adjustable shelves, hanging rails, drawers and shoe racks. You know the drill – suits, shirts and dresses need hanging, knitwear and tops should be folded, and narrow-height bottom shelves or shoe rack compartments can help show off your footwear.

Living a little on the small side? Don’t settle. You’ve got plenty of options. Think about what you already have – and just switch up the interior. Standard wardrobes usually come with a predefined layout, dedicated to hanging clothes. But if t-shirts and jeans are your go-to and you’re forever folding clothes, this could just be wasting space. A handy hack is to add lower shelves inside your wardrobe, or stack up storage baskets or boxes at the bottom, if you can. We’d pop all our spare linen and seasonal items down there. If you do want an upgrade, go for a wardrobe with sliding doors –Langdon’s got you on that one. Now you can actually move around while you conduct that morning fashion show.

The rest of the room

How to get the best out of your bedroom? Think multifunctional pieces. Forget the notion that bedroom storage is all wardrobes. A storage bench ticks all the (neatly packed) boxes. It’ll look good, match your decor, add extra seating, and – most importantly – it’ll hide all your clutter away, too. 

Think about all your leftover and unoccupied corners, nooks and crannies. Under the bed or desk? Right here is perfect for the things you don’t use everyday. Try storage boxes or baskets, like Dae, or Gunner – you can slide them out of sight, or stack up beside the bed for a handy table hybrid. Aren’t we clever?

The golden rule of storage? Things you use everyday should be in easy reach – bags, scarves and that new coat you love. Show off your most special pieces and forego the floordrobe with clever hooks and coat racks. It’s an interior design element, alongside being a practical addition. Over the door, in the corner – just hang whatever you need to hand. Form and function? You know we’ve got it down.

Tidying up

Tidy house = tidy mind. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. Finding the right place for all your things needs a bit of creative thinking. Our top tips? Group your clothing together, and assign them to a dedicated place.

For everything that’s folded? If you’ve got space in your bedroom, pick a chest of drawers that takes your fancy – you’ll find tall, wide and standard options in all kinds of styles – so you know it’ll be easy to match your aesthetic. Sick of searching for those missing shoes? There’s an answer for that – we love Elona’s choice of colours (who said practical couldn’t be stylish?) and Mino’s handy wooden shelf up top. Dedicated shoe storage does the trick – just store in their pairs and grab when you’re ready to go.

If you’re all about the accessories, find ways to separate things. Find a new use for wall hooks like Bianca and Jovi – they’re a fun way to display bags, jewellery, scarves or ties, and help to make sure nothing gets tangled up. For earrings or beauty routine essentials, mirrors with built-in storage are your solution. Joris’ shelf feels minimal and on-trend, and something like Huldra’s great for those smaller beauty essentials. Plus they're not using any of that much-coveted floor space. Something to help you document your #OOTD? A multifunctional valet mirror lets you check your outfit, hang up tomorrow’s choice, and organises those all-important accessories.