Think big: how to make a small bedroom look bigger

Good things come in small packages. So if your bedroom’s got petite proportions, don’t sweat it. With these five styling tricks you can show off its best bits while drawing attention away from the size. Small bedroom? Big ideas.

Attention seeker
Distraction tactic number one: peacocking. A bright accent chair will create a dramatic focal point that’s guaranteed to turn heads. It’s an excuse to inject a bit of personality into your space. The bolder the better. So if you opt for a luxurious velvet texture, you’ve got yourselves a winner. 

Work of art
Whether you’re a dab hand at curating a gallery wall of artwork, or patterned wallpaper’s more your thing, a feature wall will draw the eye away from the floor, making the room seem spacious. And it’s an easy way to experiment with deeper colours and tones while keeping the rest of the space feeling light and bright.

Red carpet treatment
Treat your feet to a soft, textured rug that adds warmth and depth, making the room feel cozy and appear bigger. A deep pile will command attention, and a bold colour even more so. Our top tip: place the rug partially under the bed, creating the illusion that it’s never ending. Magic.

Jack of all trades
Your new best friend? Room dividers. By splitting the room into different areas, it tricks the mind into thinking it’s bigger than it actually is. Turn one side of the room into a mini home office with a desk, chair and a few accessories. Or style a dressing area with a clothes rail, mirror and stool tucked into a little nook. 

Green light
Finally, stock up on the green stuff. Not only will houseplants make your room feel more inviting, they add colour, which creates the illusion of more space. Plus, those little gems cleanse the air whilst they’re at it. Legends. A final planting hack: declutter your surfaces by stashing bits and bobs in any spare planters and pots.

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