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How to make the most of your balcony

Summer’s here, so it’s time to show your balcony some love. Whether you want to set up a spot for al fresco eating, or simply create a chill-out zone to unwind in after work, we’ve got it covered. Read on for our tips.

1. Be smart with your space 

A lot of balconies have a fairly small footprint. If yours is the same, opt for a wall-hung dining table that can be folded down when it’s not in use. Likewise, stackable stools can be stored away neatly, and only brought out if you need extra seating. Modular corner units are perfect for bigger gatherings, and can be arranged however you like. 


2. Get it glowing

When long summer days turn into even longer nights, brighten up your balcony with lanterns, scented candles and tealights. They’ll add a little romance to those outdoor dinners and drinks.  


3. Go green

Planters on stands will elevate your botanicals and make them the focal point of your space. Don’t have room to spare? Then hanging pots are the best option. Fill them with trailing plants like ivy and lobelia – they’ll create a lush curtain of colour and texture (and impress your neighbours, too).

4. Cover up your floor

The easiest way to transform your balcony is to lay down an outdoor rug. It’ll really refresh the look of your space (especially if the flooring’s not that great to begin with). If you’ve got the room, go for something big and bright like Metica, or opt for a smaller flatweave runner if your balcony’s on the narrow side. 


5. A soft touch

Adding a few well-chosen accessories makes a big difference to any room, and your balcony’s no exception. Spruce up your seating area with a scattering of outdoor cushions, and keep a cosy throw to hand for chilly evenings. All that’s left to do? Relax. 

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