How to set up a reading nook at home

Spending way too much time on your phone, with no time left for simple pleasures? We hear you. Even the workaholics (or Insta addicted) amongst us need to balance it out with quality chill-out time. As the nights get longer, we’re getting cosier – and what better time than hibernation season to dive into that new novel? We’re talking reading rituals: a dedicated setup with your comfiest chair, warm, glowy lighting and a hot drink or two. Here’s how to create your own reading corner at home.



1. Pick your spot

The beauty of a reading corner is that you can set it up anywhere. Take a second look at your bedroom – a bit of empty space could be your escape from the hustle of the house. That built-in alcove downstairs that you’ve never been able to use? It could be time to finally give it a purpose.

Clearing out the space and repainting your walls is all it takes to give you a fresh perspective and some inspiration. When you’re ready, drag your favourite chair in there, replace that boring light bulb with a pendant or a floor lamp, and put down a fluffy rug at your feet.

When the summer months come around, your reading activities can easily be taken outdoors. Perch yourself in a vibrant outdoor rattan chair, pair it with a bright cushion or two, and grab your favourite snacks. Settle in and spend all those long afternoons out in the fresh air. Conservatories, balconies or gardens – whatever you’ve got, all you need is that book (and don’t forget the sunscreen).

2. Choose your chair

No one can argue the importance of picking out the right chair, and in this case, comfort is key. The perfect place to snuggle up and read is the difference between taking a break from your tech or continuing your scrolling – we know which one we should be doing. A larger armchair with a high back recreates those manor-house library vibes – just play with colours and fabrics to make it your own.

If you’re planning your spot in the bedroom, finding a chair is easy – just pick one that matches the rest of the decor. Going for retro vibes? A chunky chair’s our number one choice. Into classic interiors? We’d go for something Chesterfield-inspired with a buttoned back. Or you can go in the opposite direction – something totally different that contrasts your existing interior. This way your corner feels unique, and almost like a different room. It’s a playful way to bring character to your sleep space. The only thing you’ll need to guarantee? A snuggly rug and plenty of blankets, too.

3. Lighten up

Sure, that ambient light looks nice. But your eyes aren’t going to be happy when they’re squinting at every page. It’s worth making the effort to find a balance – soft and glowy, but practical too. Make sure you put as much thought into your lights as you have for where you’re sitting. Our recommendation? Dedicated task lighting. These lamps are your best bet, because you can adjust them to shine exactly where you need them to – and they’ll draw attention to how nice your new corner looks. You’ll avoid shadows and avoid straining your eyes, too. We’d also add a softer, diffused floor lamp to your corner – this balance will help you get your light just right.

4. Bring in the books

Shelves of books or a few well-worn favourites, you’ll always need your personal library in reach. Think about how and where you have space for your collection – on a large bookshelf, or piled up on the coffee table? Either way, you’ve got a chance to make a real display. Try colour coordinating your books for a cheerful (and Insta grid worthy) look – and you could inject a little personality with trinkets and fun mementos. You’ll know where everything is and create a unique talking point. You won’t be able to resist diving into something from those shelves after a long day at your desk.

5. Outside, in

An interior trend that’ll never go out of style? Plants. Indoor ones, specifically. And whether you opt for a full jungle look or a subtle touch of green, investing in some leafy friends can reduce stress and increase concentration, productivity and overall well being – so they’re the perfect addition to your zen reading space. Get relaxed while you read with a few (or a lot of) potted plants. Pick something easy to care for, like cacti or succulents, if you’re not exactly green fingered, or add colour with a bunch of dried flowers. Connecting with nature? Now we’re talking.

6. It’s all in the details

Now you’ve sorted out the bigger picture, it’s time to get into the finishing touches. This can be anything that maximises your moments here. We’re thinking soft, thick-pile rugs and a few comfy cushions so you can really recline. Add a blanket or throw for an extra layer of warmth and a splash of colour too, if you like. This is the main event, so dedicate time for yourself to chill out, enjoy that coffee, and disconnect from the drama – we won’t mention those romance novels. Just don’t lose your page.