How to style a small dining room

A small dining room can still be special. Whether you're a seasoned entertainer or just like a taste of the good stuff, with a few easy tweaks you can upgrade yours in no time. Because everyone deserves fine dining.

1. Table talk
As the main attraction, your dining table has to be a box ticker. Comfy? Stylish? Can seat all of your friends and still fit in the room? Check. An extending dining table is the shape-shifter to solve all your dinner party dilemmas. Our space-saving trick? Swap dining chairs for benches. They take up less floor space, but create the illusion of more. 

2. Wall-climbers
If you're lacking floor space, take advantage of the walls. Stack dinnerware and glasses on wall-mounted storage, and decorate with tonal artwork or a geometric mirror. It'll amp up the overall look of your room, and make it feel instantly bigger. Win-win.

3. Set the tone
Ambient lighting creates an inviting atmosphere. A pendant light hung directly above the table creates a focal point, and pulls the room together. And, along with a couple of elegant table lamps dotted around, it'll impart a warming glow.

4. Soft spot
Texture adds depth, which makes a room appear bigger. It's the perfect excuse to snap up those velvet dining chairs you've had your eye on. If your chairs are hard, drape a sheepskin rug over the backrests, or at the end of your dining bench. Just don't blame us when your guests don't want to leave.

5. Big finish
We all like to feel wined and dined. And a few finishing touches go a long way. Treat your table to a coordinated dining set, paired with matching placemats. For that statement centrepiece, opt for a candlestick or marble cake stand, ready to show off your culinary delights.

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