How to WFH without a living room

Life without a living room can be tricky enough, particularly when your bedroom has to double as your office. How to be your most productive self when WFH? Separate your space into work and sleep modes. It’ll help you concentrate better during the day, and relax more at night. Here are our tips on creating a bedroom/office that works for you.



1. Desk dilemmas? Sorted

First things first, you need a flat surface for your laptop or computer. If you’re tight on space, go for compact and console desks that’ll fit into snug corners. Or if that’s still too much of a squeeze, adaptable additions, like freestanding shelves or a leaning desk will take up even less floor space. And don’t forget to use the walls, especially if you don’t have much room. Placing a stylish office chair underneath a shelf or wall-mounted desk works just as well. 

2. Less clutter = more concentration

Before you start working, it’s time to get organised. Clear surfaces, straighten up shelves, and make the bed. Keeping your workspace clutter-free makes you feel more in control, relieves stress and helps creativity to flow. So put away anything you don’t need (including that pile of clothes), and make the most of every nook, cranny, wall and windowsill that could double as storage. Bedside tables? Ottoman beds? It’s your time to shine. 

3. Positioning is everything

When you’re WFH, being comfy is key. And aligning your posture correctly will stop any screen-induced aches and pains. Choose a chair that supports your back, and is the correct height for your desk. Adjust your screen so it’s arms-length away, making sure the top lines up with your eyebrows (laptops should be on top of a book or two, especially if you’re sitting in bed) to avoid slouching. Remember to take regular breaks and move around, too. 

4. Spotlight on productivity 

Bright ideas need lots of light, so make sure your workspace is properly lit. Open curtains, blinds and windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Then get your glow on with table and desk lamps, floor lamps and all-kinds-of-other-lamps. They’re less harsh than overhead options, and make it easier to focus the light where you need it as the day goes on. Just watch out for screen glare or distracting reflections that can appear from using multiple light sources. 

5. Work mode: engaged

Once you’ve set up the space, a few personal touches will give it more office appeal. Business attire = desk organisers, document holders and clocks. And if you’re lacking room, coffee mugs and planters can double as pen pots. When you need inspo, try motivational wall art and oxygen-boosting plants. And don’t forget to stay hydrated, and stock up on healthy snacks too. Our top tip? Ditch the PJs. Getting dressed helps you feel ready to face the day, even when you’re not leaving the bedroom.
Now, let’s get to work.

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