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    India Hobson of Haarkon's plant-filled Sheffield flat

    Inside India Hobson’s peaceful, light-filled South Yorkshire flat

    As a photographer, India Hobson knows a thing or two about setting a scene. So it comes as no surprise that the foliage-filled flat she shares with partner and Haarkon co-founder Magnus, is highly curated with picture-perfect details. Having moved to this leafy Sheffield suburb two years ago, India described the space as a “clean, blank canvas” ready for them to put their own stamp on. “There were a couple of mint green feature walls but nothing we couldn’t live with for a while before adapting to our own taste.” Their beautiful pad, which also doubles up as a workspace for their business, is a master class in the art of house plants, and turning a rented house into a home.

    House Plant Ideas

    Bring the outside in

    “We have a healthy collection of houseplants that bring life (literally) into our home. I think that we don’t see them but when we have visitors the first thing they notice is all of the greenery!”

    Bedroom Storage Ideas

    Details, details

    “Our bedside tables were one of the best finds. They’re old factory lights that we found in an antique place for about £15. Magnus put LEDs inside and we love the glow that comes from them.”

    Living room storage ideas

    Tidy home, tidy mind

    “A home should absolutely be your favourite place to be, no matter what that looks like to anybody else. We like the William Morris philosophy that you should ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’ and we’re quite strict when it comes to keeping it all tidy. Our brains don’t seem to settle when there’s a mess!”

    Garden design ideas

    How to spend it

    “We like to buy the best quality that we can afford within our budget and tend to spend a while considering a purchase. Function is always at the top of the list but if we think something is ugly we won’t bring it into our home. We have to love it if we’re going to live with it.”

    House plant ideas and indoor plant pots

    Urban jungle 101

    “As we've added to our plant collection we've had to be more creative with how we display them. Using stools, low tables and different kinds of shelving, we've created jungle compositions on which to put our green-leaved friends. We also use a lot of furniture that normally people might sit on!"

    Living room design ideas

    Follow the light

    “The living room is our ‘everything’ room. Almost all of our time in the house is spent in that room and whoever designed the layout knew that would be the case; our flat was built at a time when light and a feeling of space was more important than the size of the bedrooms. We’re very happy about that.”

    House plant display ideas

    Plant life

    "We decorate with foliage instead of inanimate objects and that brings a really interesting element to our home; because they're living they change all the time."

    House plant display ideas

    Space smarts

    "Get rid of anything you don’t need or use - oh, and don’t fall in love with plants. I’d say we definitely have over 120 of them now!”

    Shop the look

    Article written by: Hannah Lyons Powell
    Imagery by: India Hobson

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