Living room colour scheme ideas: how to refresh your space

If you’re thinking of shaking-up your living room, a new colour scheme’s an easy way to upgrade. And it doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Painting a wall and adding a few complementary accessories can give your living space a new lease of life. We’ve gathered our top tips for creating the perfect living room colour scheme below. But our golden rule? The braver you are, the bigger the ‘wow’.

Use a mood board to plan

Pinterest’s a great place to start. Create a mood board with the colours and combinations you’re naturally drawn to. While it might seem scary, try to avoid playing it safe if you want to really impress your guests. And look beyond the living room for inspiration: think fashion, art, the latest pop-up café. Once you’ve got your digital mood board nailed, make it physical using fabric and paint swatches, or even pictures from magazines. The extra effort will be worth it when your living room is #goals.

Explore your options

Paint’s an obvious way to add colour. But it’s not the only one. Switching up your flooring – like painting existing wooden floors or changing your carpet colour – can make a dramatic difference. As can textiles like curtains and blinds.

Whether you redecorate completely or just add a feature wall, make sure your accessories complement your new palette. It only takes two or three colours to create a dreamy colour scheme – combining too many contrasting hues can seem hectic and busy.

Contrast your colours

In life, in colour: opposites attract. Navy blue and blush pink are an elegant yet quirky pairing – especially if you keep the darker shade to the walls and choose lighter furnishings. Another daring duo? Peacock green and peach.

If you want a look that’s a little less bold, soft grey is a good backdrop for most other shades – and makes for a contemporary room with a Nordic note. Or, take it up a gear and opt for slate. It’ll still look great with most accent colours, especially brighter ones like lime or mustard.

Tie in tones

Prefer your living room a little more moderated? Consider constructing a colour scheme around similar tones – ones next to each other on the colour wheel. Teal and forest green, indigo and electric blue, rose and rust. Any of these colour couples will give you a refreshed space, without being too loud. If subtlety’s your style: choose one single shade and play with furnishings, paint and accessories with varying depths of colours. Multi-tonal magic.

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