How to match your living room storage

There’s lots of ways to achieve a consistent and cohesive look in your living room, and sorting out your storage is a quick-win. The right kind of storage pieces can turn a cluttered, unloved corner of your home into an elegant and calming space to relax in. Dreamy.

Pick pieces that suit your lifestyle

Go for storage pieces that suit your lifestyle. Got children? Toys and games can go in large trunks or boxes at the end of the day – leaving you with a grown-up space to enjoy in the evening. Gadget geek? A contemporary TV stand can hide away your devices and remote controls.

Book lovers rejoice: a statement bookshelf adds a live-in look to any room, and helps you house your novels. But whatever you choose, we’ve got one top tip: pick storage pieces that work together, as well as complementing your interior scheme.

Buy a matching range for an aesthetically pleasing look

The most obvious way to match your storage is to shop from the same collection – that way, you can be sure your TV stand, coffee table and bookcase look good together. This option’s good for those who prefer a clean, slick interior with showhome appeal – your clutter will be covered, and your pieces will look perfect, in the same shade, material and shape.

Establish a theme by picking pieces from the same colour palette

For a more subtle look, start with a colour palette that you like and go for pieces that match in tone, rather than style.

As long as there’s a consistent colour theme in the room, you can get away with mixing storage pieces in multiple styles: pair mid-century style media units with contemporary cabinets, or vintage-look chests of drawers with industrial-inspired sideboards.

Add interest by mixing and repeating different materials

Mixing storage pieces in different materials can add texture to an otherwise crisp canvas. One rule of thumb: stick to pieces made from the same type of wood. Combining different tones – such as a light ash or oak with dark mango wood – can start to look a bit too unconsidered. Metal storage trunks work well alongside painted wooden pieces in similar shades or styles (consistency is still key) thanks to their tonal similarities. Think copper and brass against warm-toned woods. Or, look for pieces that combine different materials that you then reflect in other items around the room. A wooden unit with metal legs could be paired with a metal-framed bookshelf, or a cupboard with metallic hardware, to help you really work the metal mix.   

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