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MADEover: A YouTuber’s space gets a glow up

Space feeling a bit lacklustre? This one’s for you. As part of our new MADEover series, exploring home renovations and quick ways to refresh your place, we’ve enlisted YouTuber and entrepreneur Shantania Beckford to show you how it’s done. As a fashion and beauty guru, she’s all about having fun and expressing herself. Take a look at how she gave her filming room a much-needed makeover. Using her style, and our stuff.

“It suits my style hands down. Colourful, creative and everything is just so beautiful. I’m in love.”



At home, Shantania’s usually busy dreaming-up concepts and filming her vlogs. So she needed a peaceful and creative spot to work, and chill. That’s where we come in. Starting with: a practical and comfy sofa. Shantania says, “Stanley’s the perfect place for doing vlogs and podcasts. The vibrant colours stand out so well, and it’s super comfy - I’m gunna have the best naps ever.” Who said you can’t sleep on the job?

Top tip: good lighting is vital for vlogging. And to really make herself shine, Shantania’s gone for the Weaver’s bold, sweeping design and bamboo shade. “I love the earthiness of this light - it creates such a nice, relaxed vibe when it’s turned on.” For a hint of glamour (and touch-ups in-between shots) the Arles mirror will come in handy. Shantania thinks “it’s elegant and brings a brightness to the room. Oh, and it’s perfect for those mirror selfies!” Aaand, pose.

Not got quite enough room for a coffee table? We’ve got a hack for that. A stylish pouffe will do the job, and take up much less space. Shantania picked Elian because “it’s boho yet modern, and sturdy enough to hold all of my decorative pieces.” Another small space tip? Swap bookcases and shelves for something slimline like our Betula plant stand. Shantania’s used it to display books and trinkets, as well as leafy pals. The rules? They’re MADE to be broken.

How to make your background really pop? It’s all about the accessories. And Shantania’s a big fan of our prints. “The frames are beautifully designed, and such great quality. They complement the room without making it feel overcrowded.” Get the picture? And now for some drama – well, dramatic plant pots. Shantania opted for Salix’s luxe metallic curves. “These pots take the room to another level. My plants look amazing, and much taller than they are.” Botanical-boosting power? Yes, please. 

The finished result? Shantania told us, “It suits my style hands down. Colourful, creative and everything is just so beautiful. I’m in love.” Oh stop it, we’re blushing.

Ready for your room update? Right this way...

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