MADEover: see how we styled this YouTuber’s living space

While moving into a new home can be exciting, figuring out how to fill the space effectively can feel overwhelming. Relatable? Scroll on for the next instalment of our MADEover series, where we take Berlin creative Jette Lübbehüsen’s empty room and make it living-diner #goals.

“I'm in love with the new layout of my living room. It turned out just how I imagined.”



Being creative comes naturally to artist, author and YouTuber Jette. But having recently moved into a beautiful new home, she found herself wondering how to make the most of the large living space. “The apartment was empty when I moved in and while I was looking forward to decorating, finding the perfect furniture has been difficult,” Jette tells us. Did someone say MADEover challenge?

Setting boundaries is important in life generally, but also when your living room is long and rectangular. Jette’s vision was to create two distinct zones: one for dining, the other for relaxing. So how did we do it? Placing the Scott sofa and Nuno table at a right angle to each other clearly defines each space. Then we started the styling.

The seating area was particularly important as Jette wanted somewhere to unwind after a stressful day. Here, we dialled-up the cosy with the Caixa rug and touchy-feely Teddy cushions, plus Cecil: the ultimate armchair for lounging in style. Over in the dining zone, and knowing Jette is “a big fan of Scandinavian design”, we nodded to Nordic with an oak table and a couple of our Tacoma chairs

And what about those tall walls? “The room has very high ceilings so the challenge is to utilise the space effectively,” explains Jette. Here, size matters. In addition to Jette’s epic artwork, vertical pieces like our Java floor lamp and hanging Porto shade help balance proportions. 

So what does Jette think about the MADEover? “I'm in love with the new layout of my living room. It turned out just how I imagined. I express myself through the design of my space, and MADE has helped me find the perfect pieces for my room." Mission accomplished.



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