Makeover your dressing table: secrets to staying organised

At only 23, model and stylist Isi Ahmed is making waves in Berlin’s fashion scene. She’s worked with the likes of Nike and Vogue Germany, appearing in the magazine's #representationmatters campaign. At home, getting ready for castings and styling jobs is a part of Isi’s everyday routine, so a well-organised dressing table is a must. Here’s how she keeps her beauty station looking as preened as she does.

1. Have regular clear-outs. Most beauty products should be replaced within a year anyway, so doing this keeps your skin healthy and your dressing table clutter free. 

2. Only keep products out if you use them every day. Make-up for occasions – festival glitter, I’m looking at you – should be kept neatly in a drawer or handy storage basket

3. If you use brushes to apply your makeup, they should be kept upright and cleaned regularly with the same shampoo you use on your hair, so as not to irritate the skin. Again, to avoid clutter building up, keep brushes you don’t use daily in a nearby organiser. 

4. I’m not a big fan of having too many decorative items on my dressing table as I find they can get in the way – but I love beautiful jewellery storage like this marble set. It makes finding that second earring in the mornings so much easier! 

5. A little bit of daily discipline goes a long way. So try to put things back where they came from. This will keep your table tidy and make it much easier to wipe down.

Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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