Making a botanical Christmas wreath: a step-by-step guide

Natasha Sidhu’s jungle-themed home is the ultimate in botanical interiors inspo. And her festive displays are no different. Want to deck the halls with exciting seasonal shrubbery of your own? Then swerve the poinsettias and pine, and create a Christmas wreath made from succulents instead. Green fingers at the ready – Natasha tells us how.



1. Before starting anything creative, it’s essential to clean and declutter your space – a serving platter like Ingram is brilliant for keeping craft materials organised. And to feel inspired, I like to surround myself with personal things that bring me joy.

2. Succulents need a good soaking before being planted into your wreath. Use a watering can to fill a planter with tepid water – this makes the perfect little bathtub to dowse your plants in. Next, pop them to one side to dry.

3. For the wreath structure, use materials that complement your home. I’m hugely passionate about incorporating natural materials into my living space, so I chose to wrap moss around the frame, and collected dried botanicals, stems and feathers for decoration.

4. Gently weave your succulents into the wreath structure, and secure them down with clear craft wire for a seamless finish. When they’re sitting perfectly, add the decorations. Then hang your finished masterpiece in all its glory!



Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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