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Susie Young of Knot & Pop sitting at her dining table reading a book

Marrying the old with the new: when good décor isn’t planned

Commitment isn’t for everyone. Not when it comes to home décor at least. Luxury wedding planner and founder of Knot & Pop, Susie Young, often takes work home with her (literally) resulting in an ever-growing and evolving style. Incorporating treasured items from her past and accidental finds, Susie’s home in Clapton - which she shares with her husband and part-time lodger, the neighbour’s cat - is constantly changing and reflecting her taste at the time.

Working from memory

Being a wedding planner, Susie’s career is built on making memories, and so is her home. At work, she’s busy sourcing new items that’ll soon become part of her clients’ history. But at home, it’s the objects with a past that make it feel like her space. “It’s nice to look round your home and be reminded of something from your childhood, or seeing treasured travel finds, or something you were given for a birthday or Christmas present.” And sometimes, those items aren’t deep and meaningful but sparked from a simple passion. “When me and my sister were wee, we loved Pez so I kept some, and over the years my collection grew.”

Mixing business with pleasure

Being a set designer, she can artfully mix and match items to perfectly dress a space. And constantly attending shows and exhibitions always gives her food for thought. “I definitely have moments when I’m sourcing things for clients that I would love to have in my home too. You go with work in mind, but inevitably leave with lots of ideas and an ever-growing personal wish list.”

Picking things up along the way

Susie isn’t afraid of trying new things in her mid-modern home. Luckily, she has a constant source of items being added to her ever-growing collection: “I’ve picked up a few things after events that clients haven’t wanted so I’ve given them a good home.”

Embracing new loves

A big part of running an events business is discovery, of talented people and new fascinations. And those discoveries don’t often stay at work creating unintentional themes and collections. “Through constantly sourcing items for couples and clients, I’ve developed a weak spot for vases and ceramics. Candles, too. I’ve been known to buy for events, and then go on a bit of an additional personal spending spree for the flat.”

Out with the old

Despite her sentimental side, she knows that home décor is never finished and you can always change direction. “We have reconfigured the sitting room from when we first moved in, and changed the sofa. In changing the sofa it made me switch up the cushions which then also gave me a bit of a reshuffle with vases.”

Colour changing

Working with so many people, all of whom have different tastes and ideas, helps Susie stay inspired. It often influences her without her even realising. “I sometimes go through colour phases – thinking about it, doing an indigo blue shibori-inspired event saw me ditching our green sofa in favour of the new blue MADE.COM sofa which led to me introducing the blue rug under the dining table.”

You do you

No matter what you want, need or are expected to have in your home, making sure it’s liveable and comfortable is key. “Some would say I have slight OCD in that I turned all the books on my shelves around because all the different coloured spines were bothering me – I much prefer the neutral pages facing out, but finding a book is a nightmare and it maybe reveals too much about my personality – not in a good way.”

Things change

Though work slips into home quite easily for Susie, she knows that when it comes to matters of the house, it’s not always happily ever after. And that’s okay. “There is so much I’d redo now, with it being seven years ago that we moved in! I’d be bolder with colour on the walls, so I’m looking forward to that with our next move.”

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements
Photography by: Liz Seabrook

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