Master bedroom comforts: how to sleep like royalty

The master bedroom – it has a nice ring to it, right? Regardless of whether you’re in a small rented flat or a spacious two-storey house. So when your busy day is finished and all work is finally done, you’ll need that cosy safe haven to relax, recharge and start the next day on the right foot. And that’s why we’re here – to give you our tips on what to look out for when setting up your master bedroom at home.



Where to put it

If you’re moving into a new home, you’ll have a choice of which bedroom will become the master suite. If the rooms are different sizes, pick the biggest one (duh) – this will give you freedom to design it just right. You might need a lot of storage to stow away your clothes, shoes and accessories, so think how much space you can dedicate to doing just that. Some bedrooms might even have walk-in wardrobe space, so half the work is already done. Living the dream? Oh, absolutely. It just might be time to invest in more hangers.

When you’re heading to bed or waking up, another great thing to have is your own private bathroom. If you’re designing the floor plan for a future house, or there’s more than one bathroom in the flat you’re in, treat yourself and dedicate that space to your routines.

The perfect setup

Your bed is the centrepiece of your master bedroom, so make sure to choose one you’d love to wake up in every morning, and snuggle up in at night. It’s worth having more than enough space for two (or for you to spread out like a starfish). So if you have the space and the budget, splurge on a king (150 x 200cm) or a super king (180 x 200cm) bed and get ready for those lie-ins. Something to make it even better? We love a cotton or linen bed set for unmatched softness while you snooze.

Symmetry is key to designing relaxing spaces, so we’d recommend two bedside tables to frame your master bed. Table lamps on each, or wall pendants above the bed complete that cosy look – pick a style with coloured or opaque glass, soft fabric or natural, woven wood. You want it to feel as warm as possible.

Next, plan for your wardrobe space. If you want to keep your bedroom feeling calm and uncluttered, you’ll need all your things behind closed doors. So invest in a large wardrobe unit to run along one of the walls, and make sure you’ve nailed the internal storage, too. Many modern designs will let you choose – whether you’ve got more stuff to fold, hang or box up, there’ll be an interior to suit. Extra storage boxes under the bed, ottoman benches, and smaller cabinets and chest of drawers’ can help in those areas where the wardrobe space just won’t cut it.

Let’s not forget relaxation. If you have extra space in a cosy corner of the room, create a personal chillout zone. Pop an armchair next to the window, with a table to perch your mug of tea and your latest book. Light that candle and settle in – from morning ‘til night. Zen incoming.

And don’t forget – if you want to fit all these little luxuries into a smaller bedroom, you don’t have to compromise. Just choose furniture with slimmer frames and smaller footprints – that goes for your bed, armchair, and storage – a fitted wardrobe fits to your space so no centimetre is wasted. All this will save on floor space, without scrimping on style.

Colour conundrum

When you’re choosing the decor for your bedroom, think about what palettes and schemes you like, and how these colours could affect your mood. Even if you’d like to make your master bedroom a vibrant, rainbow-infused space, you should still be able to relax in there, too. It’s all about the zen in your sleep sanctuary, so stick to light, pastel or earthy colours and bring in pops of colour in your accessories instead. (This makes it easier to switch it up in the future, too.)

Even if your master bedroom’s purpose is to send you to sleep, there’s no need for it to lack personality and be void of all your things.The ultimate goal is to feel relaxed and comfortable, which for each of us means something different.

For a cosy vibe, bring in plenty of rich materials and textures, which could mean an upholstered headboard, different wood finishes, velvet, wool and boucle. Keep your feet warm in the morning with a rug or two, to help you create different zones around the bedroom. Pick a bright design to infuse the space with a little more energy, or pick a neutral, high pile style to soften the feel of your space – and to get those toes out of bed. Chunky-knit throws and cushions in wool or faux fur will add additional touches of comfort around the room, whether that means extra warmth for your evening snug-sesh, or just for the inviting atmosphere. Into it? It’s feeling pretty hygge in here.

The final touch? Greenery – and as much as you can. Potted house plants not only bring a relaxing and natural feel to your bedroom (and your home in general), but they’ll also help clean and purify the air – exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep. Mix up larger styles on the floor, like monstera and ficus, with smaller additions on your surfaces – those cacti will look great with something leafy like a fern. It’ll all bring the look together.