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Simple hacks for maximising your plant-growing space

Although our love of houseplants might be growing, the space to fit them in isn’t getting any bigger. Freddie Blackett – CEO and founder of online plant shop, PATCH – knows the deal. And he’s on a mission to get us (indoor) gardening, no matter the size of our homes. Read on for his tips.

1. Every home has those tight spots that are hard to decorate, like the corner of a room beside a sofa. That’s where tall indoor plants, like a palm or fiddle leaf come in. They’re narrow at the base but have lush foliage higher up, making them great corner contenders.

2. Houseplants don’t need to take up floor space - the walls make just as good a home. Remember: wall planters don’t have drainage holes, so be careful not to over-water and saturate their roots.

3. Turn bookshelves into plant shelves. Trailing plants are low-maintenance, shade-tolerant, and their cascading shape helps fill the gaps between each shelf.

4. Green up your table-tops. I prefer plants to flowers on the dining table, and although succulents aren't as indestructible as you might think, in a well-lit spot they’ll get away with very little attention (especially during winter).

5. Make your bedside table a botanical haven. Air-filtering greenery like the ‘mother-in-law tongue‘ or ‘snake plant’ will brighten up the bedroom, while helping you relax. Just be sure to stay away from cactus in case you’re fumbling for your alarm clock in the morning!

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Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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