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A minimalist MADEover for this fashion vlogger

In our MADEover series, we’re collaborating with YouTubers to transform an unloved room of their choice. Using their style and our ideas. The result? One happy place, and lots of interior inspiration. Keep scrolling to see how we levelled up the dining space of Norwich-based fashion influencer, Brittany Bathgate.

“I can finally use the space for what I intended – no more dinners at the coffee table!”



Brittany’s known for her love of minimalism, but some of the rooms in her new home were looking decidedly sparse. “Several areas needed a bit of TLC, but the dining space was pretty non-existent,” she tells us. “There was no furniture and the walls were painted in a warm peach-toned white.” Time for a MADEover? We think so.

The hero piece in any dining area is of course the table. With a sleek concrete top and matte black legs, Boone’s the ideal match for Brittany’s streamlined style. And it’s versatile, too. “I work from my dining table most days so I wanted a dual-purpose space,” she explains. “Now, I have enough room to work on one end and dine at the other end. Plus, it’s easy to clean.” Result.

For the times when Brittany’s not working (or eating), we created a little reading nook. How? The Scandi-inspired rattan Modica chair paired with our monochrome Malay throw for extra cosiness. Brittany’s a big fan of “lots of greenery in every room”, as well as “accents of black and brass” so our luxe Carole planters were the perfect addition (filled with plants courtesy of Patch).

As a fashion vlogger, Brittany’s constantly switching things up, and her home’s no exception. “I'm always chopping and changing my spaces seasonally, and as my mood shifts,” she says. “So I wanted to create a neutral foundation in the dining area – one that can be easily dressed with different accessories.” For right now? We dropped in a statement piece of abstract art, our Ayla rug and the Haddie cushion.

So, what does Brittany think? “The MADEover means I can finally use the space for what I intended – no more dinners at the coffee table! It’s so easy to build on and adapt.”



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