Our spring cleaning checklist

Now that spring’s in full swing, it’s time to clean up. To help you get started, we’ve put together an easy to-do list for the most-used rooms in your home. Roll up your sleeves and put on those marigolds: it’s time to get tidy. 


1. Living room

First up, clear the decks so you can dust every surface and hoover the floor. Now it’s time to rehome the essentials. Store your tech in a large media unit with space-saving sliding doors – perfect for hiding cables, too. More into setting the scene? Bayron’s got enough open shelves for your display-worthy trinkets and hardbacks. Finally, stash toys and games in some colourful storage trunks – because being tidy doesn’t have to look boring.

2. Bedroom

Laundry baskets are a no-brainer in the bedroom, yet we’re all guilty of letting the floor disappear under a pile of clothes. (Sorry, mum.) So get them washed or put away. Need something to keep your cleaning spirits high? This colourful weave will do the trick. Then, pop the small stuff in your drawers – they’re the perfect hideaway for everything from pyjamas to books. And if you’re short on space, use the top as a beauty station (tips on how to keep it tidy here).

3. Kitchen

First thing’s first, empty your kitchen cupboards and fridge. That jar of chickpeas from 2015? In the bin, please. Next, wipe everything down. Then use a storage trolley for your most-used herbs, spices and dinnerware. It’s a practical way to store stuff, because you can easily see things as you’re cooking. (And who doesn’t love sorting spices into alphabetical order?) Other organising heroes are: bread bins, cutlery trays and bottle racks. And it doesn’t get more hygienic than a touch-free bin

4. Home office

When it comes to your WFH station, it’s no secret that staying organised helps to boost productivity. You don’t want to be buried under stacks of paper – whether you’ve got a dedicated spot to work from, or choose to set up on the couch. So keep things spick and span by using an organiser for your essentials. Feeling focussed? Check.

5. Hallway

Although there aren’t many guests coming over these days, the hallway’s the first space you see when coming home. So you better make it a nice one. Take the time to sweep the floors – even if you’re in a rush – and wipe your feet. Asare’s the perfect place to perch, and the brass-plated key dish, shoe rack and coat hooks keep all your things in order. Short on space? Use wall hooks. Plenty of storage meets minimal effort.

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