A curator’s guide to choosing art

Timeless or trend-led? When you’re choosing art for your home, it can be hard to know which way to go. Georgia Spray, curator and founder of Partnership Editions – the accessible art platform behind MADE’s latest collection – says the secret to a dreamy display is focusing on how a piece makes you feel, rather than worrying about what it might be worth in the future. Here’s her guide to
creating a picture perfect set-up.



1. Buy pieces you love and have a personal connection to, rather than feeling pressured into predicting the next Damien Hirst. You never know, your instincts might be right!

2. Be brave. You don’t have to choose art that fits into your colour scheme or matches your things. Some of my favourite paintings are the ones that are different, because they stand out and never get boring. My top tip? Give bolder pieces space to breathe – a large wall above a sofa or fireplace is great for making a statement.

3. Rehang your wall art every so often to refresh your space. It’ll make you look at it in a new way. I like moving things around to see how they interact with other textures and materials in my home. And don’t be afraid to hang pictures off-centre; an element of surprise can make you appreciate a piece much more.

4. For gallery walls, try to pick a mixture of figurative and abstract, as well as minimal and maximal. The MADE x Partnership Editions collection is designed so that you can mix and match artists, but each piece can hold its own too.

5. Hanging isn’t the only option. Lean your artwork on a sideboard or shelves instead of the wall. It means you can change up your display as much as you like, and gives you the opportunity to experiment easily with
different pairings. 


Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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