Paws for thought: interior hacks for dog owners

We all love our pets. But it can be hard to keep your house looking tidy when you cohabit with furry friends. That doesn't stop Annika Rogge. Using her Insta as a tool to share their stories, she fosters abandoned dogs until she finds them a forever home. So how does Annika keep her Berlin pad looking so chic, while making it the perfect pooch retreat? Scroll down to read her tips.



1. Just like humans, dogs enjoy a familiar and comfortable sleeping environment – my dog Pete, for example, gets a sense of security and cosiness from his teepee. In general, the ideal place for a dog basket is a quiet, bright spot where they can overlook the whole room. And dogs love the sun on their backs, especially in the winter months. So move their bed to a sunny corner every now and then.

2. Opt for textiles that are machine washable. There's nothing more impractical than a dog bed made from delicate materials. So always take a look at the washing label when buying.

3. Lemon water is your friend; no dog in the world likes lemons. Spray it on stuff you don't want your dog to consider chewing or demolishing. 

4. Every dog owner knows the dilemma: as soon as the pet bowl is filled, half of the contents are spilled all over the floor. That's because a lot of bowls are too light, so hungry dogs can easily push them over. The solution? Choose a weighty bowl – it'll stay put. 

5. Plants should be placed out of reach, especially if your dogs spend time alone in your home. The same goes for cables and rubbish. I always plant greenery in raised pots and hide cables in boxes, to avoid injuries. 

6. Nothing ruins my aesthetic more than a giant pack of dog food. That's why I put food in beautiful boxes – these storage trunks really go with my interior. One thing I've learnt: to keep things tidy, everything needs a fixed place.



Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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