Pet-friendly sofas and armchairs

When it comes to our four-legged pals, we want them to be as comfortable as we are. But as well as living out our Instagram fantasies, there are practical things to consider. Cohabiting with dogs and cats means choosing upholstery in fabrics, styles and colours that’ll withstand wear and tear. Scroll down to discover our favourite pet-friendly options. 



1. Claw-proof fabrics

Durable and easy to clean, there are endless benefits to leather sofas and armchairs. They’re generally tough enough to escape dreaded claw punctures, and also repel odour and pet hair – so overall, a sound investment if you share your home with a dog or cat. Jarrod’s Italian leather has the added advantage of being pre-distressed, so any scratches will only add to its character.

2. Disguise with dark colours
Darker fabrics can help to hide little accidents, (they’re bound to happen from time to time). In rich cobalt and teal, Flick and Harlow will do the trick while scoring you serious style points. Speaking of camouflage, a bright botanical pattern can conceal all sorts of stains, too. Finally, try adding a couple of throws. Not only will they make your favourite spot even cosier, they can be easily removed and washed if they come into contact with dirty paws.

3. Weave got you
Tightly woven fabrics, or those with a low pile, are ideal if you’ve got pets. They’re much less likely to catch and snag, and therefore less tempting to cats in search of a scratching post. Marl effect and monochrome weaves disguise fur incredibly well, although it’s pretty tough for hair to get tangled into these dense fibres to begin with. The only drawback? Fabric upholstery tends to absorb stains and odours, but dog rescuer Annika Rogge has a hack for that.

4. Beds for good boys

We believe that great design is for everyone – even your French Bulldog. Our pet collection means you can treat your pal to a bed that’s as comfy as it is stylish. We’ve got every size and type covered, from traditional padded designs – with removable cushions that can be popped straight into the washing machine – to teepees, baskets and even miniature versions of some of our most iconic sofas and armchairs. But if your companion won’t give up on the family sofa, a pet mat will keep upholstery looking and smelling purr-fect (sorry).

5. Take it outside 

Outdoor furniture’s designed to endure all sorts of conditions, so it’s no surprise that it also stands up pretty well against our pets. Yuri’s bright blue weave will add instant energy to any outdoor space, while providing a perch for your favourite family member. Corner sets like Balawa are a snug spot for lapdogs (or Great Danes) to curl up on, and the removable cushions make it easy to clean, too. 

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