Post-holiday blues? Globetrotter Alice reveals her antidote

Just like sleep and good food, holidays are something you can never have enough of. But before you know it, you're on a plane home with a sinking realisation that you're about to return to a life that includes meetings and the daily commute. Travel blogger Alice M. Huynh knows all about wanderlust – and the blues that come after. Here, she tells us how to land back in reality without the bump. 

1. As soon as I get home, l open all the windows wide and put laundered sheets on the bed. The smell and feel of fresh linen immediately makes me relax. Unpacking my suitcase can wait another day! 

2. Candles and soft lighting help me to get out of 'airport mode' and process everything I've experienced on the trip. I like to just lie in bed for a bit, brew some tea and write in my diary. That way, I can organise my thoughts and really appreciate everything I've seen in the last few days and weeks.

3. The dry air on the plane really affects my skin, so I often treat myself to a hot bath and a Korean face mask when I get home – I keep a stash in the drawer of my makeup table.

4. After a long trip, I always take a stroll down to my favourite florist. Flowers give me that 'welcome home' feeling after a long journey. 

5. My final piece of advice is to try to extend your out-of-office email by one day. There's nothing better than forgetting about work for a little bit longer, having a good sleep, and then going back and giving 120%.

Article written by: Lisa Wenske
Photography by: Alice M. Huynh

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