Salvaging a wreck: Hayley Caradoc-Hodgkins’ Victorian renovation project

Hayley’s Victorian home is a visual feast. A picture director for Telegraph Luxury, Hayley and her family moved into The Grove House in South London nine months ago. They’ve since renovated the space, opting for luxe marble-clad interiors throughout. The space is flooded in natural light and they've incorporated a muted colour palette from top to bottom. The end result is gorgeous. We take the tour.

Dramatic shapes

"One of the reasons I bought the property was because it was the end terrace, and I had always wanted to create a large glass structure in a property. There were many times that I was told it wouldn’t be possible due to building restrictions or budget, but it was the one thing I wouldn’t compromise on. It needed to be dramatic and a lesser variation of it wouldn’t have worked. " Not wanting to opt for a traditional kitchen, Hayley decided to " juxtapose the Victorian scale and features in the main house with a dramatic sloped glass roof, and industrial Crittal doors."

Curation is key

"My husband is a painter and over the years I've learnt not to overcrowd artwork. I used to have everything and anything on my walls, but I am beginning to understand that certain pieces need space and room to breath in order to appreciate them. " They've lived in The Grove House for nine months, but still haven't placed many paintings. "I think you need to be flexible. Try a piece somewhere for a while. If it doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to change it. My walls are filled with holes where I have got it wrong and put up another piece instead."

Lighting, lighting, lighting

Hayley spends a large part of her job as a picture director, "obsessing about light." As such, lighting was a big consideration in their renovation. "When I bought the house, I knew we had a lot of challenges ahead but the main thing for me was trying to achieve the right light in certain rooms.

Sit up

I have been looking for simple stools to complement the marble central unit for a while. I love the simplicity of the design and how they compliment the colour of the kitchen.

Strike a balance

Hayley's advice on picking paint colours would be to "visit the rooms at different times of the day in the house before you decide on the palette. Which areas have the most light, which parts could take a darker and moody colour. Light changes throughout the day in each space. I decided to paint all the woodwork in the property in the same colour, which is darker than most of the walls. I think this really helps ground a space and give it a sense of unity."

Home library

When it came to books, Hayley designed shelving that would be practical and open. "The more the merrier. Stack them anywhere and everywhere. I want to be able to look at my books, not feel like I would be ruining a display if I moved one."

A reading spot

"I wanted a chair that I could curl up in and look at my books, away from the central sitting area. The Margot chair fits perfectly by the bookcase. I love the way it compliments the pink Moroccan rug."

Marble obsessed

I visited my first marble yard last year and was completely mesmerised at the beauty of the pieces on offer. I think people can be put off by marble because of its price point. There are some extremely high-end options, but there are also many more affordable types, so shop around.

Clearing the clutter

"Kids have a lot of stuff, and I wanted to be able to sweep it away in the evening so I could relax and avoid the inevitable lego under foot. Don’t get me wrong, half the time the house is completely dominated by children’s toys but by investing in some nice storage boxes, they don’t take over the space."

See more from Hayley on Instagram at The Grove House

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Photography by: Ben Anders

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