See this YouTuber’s home office get MADEover

In our new MADEover series, we’re collaborating with YouTubers to transform an unloved room of their choice. We style it. They film it. And you get all the interior inspo. Keep scrolling to see how we fine-tuned the workspace of beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Manal Chinutay. Business, meet pleasure.

“My home office is where I spend most of my time, and it’s important that the space inspires my creativity.”



It’s fair to say that Manal Chinutay is booked and (really) busy. As a successful beauty vlogger and modest fashion influencer, Manal most recently added ‘entrepreneur’ to the list, launching a range of high-end scarves. She’s also a qualified nurse and mum to baby Adam. “My work is my second child!” she confesses. “My home office is where I spend most of my time, and it’s important that the space inspires my creativity.” MADEover challenge accepted.

First up? Less stress, more inspired action. “A calm and inspirational working environment allows me to perform at my best,” Manal tells us. Follow her lead and get into the right headspace by clearing away the clutter with small but functional office accessories. “I love the desk organisers! The marble contrast of Podium against my wooden desk is the perfect combination. Plus, the brass pop of Cubic adds that finishing touch.” Tidy desk = tidy mind.

The best way to create a zen den? Tactile additions like the Ayla rug and Haddie cushion. Feeling it? Manal is: “I love earthy tones and a neutral colour palette for creating a relaxed and calming space.” Next, add plants in an assortment of pots. Office greenery purifies the air, plus it’s totally Instagrammable. And we couldn’t overlook Manal’s furry co-workers – their pet beds got a promotion, too. “My cats keep me company as I edit. The humming of their purrs adds to the cosiness.”

As a fashion influencer, Manal needs seating that clocks up serious style points. And the Amalyn office chair ticks all the trend boxes. “I can’t wait to sit at my desk and deliver my best,” she says. But as any vlogger knows, what’s behind you is just as important. “I’ve had my eye on the Scott chaise sofa for over a year,” she tells us. “It creates the perfect environment for my content creation. Plus the green matches the plants!” Finishing touches include a full-length mirror for outfit selfies and an industrial floor lamp to get the lighting right.

So did we boss it? “The MADEover has given me a place where I can just tap out and work with a positive mindset,” Manal says. “It takes me from being a good content creator to a great one.”

Job done.

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