Small changes = big impact. Transforming your home in 5 easy steps

We get it, you’re busy. You still want to make your home #goals, though. With a day job as a mechanical engineer and commitments as a dancer and model, Cologne-based Soso Nozuka is familiar with the struggle. Opening the doors to her charming flatshare in a listed building, she tells us how to make a space feel fresh with minimal time and effort. (Reading time: under 3 minutes. We promise.)



1. Small effort, big impact? Introduce unusual colour combinations. I went with deep terracotta and saturated peacock blue. Be brave – you can’t really get it that wrong. 

2. When it comes to adding your chosen colours, steer clear of paint and choose soft furnishings like cushions, bedsheets or curtains instead. The textile options really are endless (and endlessly easy to apply). 

3. Stock up on vases filled with beautiful flowers – and I don’t mean a fresh bouquet each week. Instead, get your hands on dried stems or ornate feathers. They’re on trend, last forever and easily transform the darkest of corners. 

4. A little bit of gold (okay, brass) goes a long way. Its elegant shimmer enhances surrounding colours and it really lifts second-hand furniture or wood. 

5. My last tip: invest in some nice dinnerware. It’s simple, but items you use every day should be beautiful. Plus, it’ll keep your table looking good if you’re too busy to clear plates away immediately (come on, we’ve all been there).



Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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