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Small living room? 4 functional furniture and storage ideas

If your place has petite proportions, there's no need to compromise on style. Create a smart space that works for you with multi-functional furniture and clever storage. Try our space-saving suggestions below...

Make your room work for you

Overloading a small living room makes it feel unwelcoming and unusable. Think about the things you use everyday, not what you think you should have in a living room. Do you really need a three-piece suite and a large central coffee table? Would a pair of armchairs and sleek side tables make better use of the dimensions? Try a dual purpose extendable table if the space doubles-up as a dining room and office.

Opt for multi-functional items

Look for pieces that can be easily adapted to suit your living space, like modular seating and nests of tables. Try fold-away dining solutions which can be neatly stored away when not in use. Or wall-mounted storage or shelving units that won’t take up valuable floor space. Other small space heroes include: small sofa beds, ottomans or footstools with internal storage, coffee tables with hidden drawers and cupboards with extra functionality (think: magazine racks or tray tabletops).

Look for small, sleek styles

Compact items designed for petite places have smaller footprints, so won’t dominate your living room. This lets your furniture co-exist comfortably, resulting in a room where you can relax. Look for media units and sideboards with smaller-than-standard measurements, two-seater sofas or love seats, (swerve bulkier three-seaters), and chairs and tables with slim silhouettes, to maximise the space available.

Give the impression of more space

Make your room feel more spacious by choosing pieces of furniture which are slightly raised off the ground to create breathing space. Pulling sofas and tables out from the walls has the same effect. Try sideboards with sleek metal hairpin legs, or sofas with slim wooden feet, rather than boxy styles that sit flat to the ground. Got low ceilings? Vertical furniture (like a tallboy or ladder-style bookcase) draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of extra height.

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