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Spa spaces: how to turn your bathroom into a self-care sanctuary

Zoom meetings, digital dinners, calls with work; it can be hard to switch off at the best of times. And when most of your day’s spent at home, having a space you can escape to is so important. Luckily, a little self-care can go a long way – whatever that might mean for you. But how to create your own chilled haven, without the spa? Read on for bathroom bliss.


Heather Milner

1. Set the scene

The key to a spa-like space? It’s all about the ambience. Mirrors make your bathroom feel light and spacious. Lush, humidity-loving greenery adds a nature-approved colour pop, and improves air quality, too – plus those deep breaths will help you relax. Turn up the cosy with soft, glowy lighting in warm metals, opaque glass and rounded, organic shapes. The finishing touch? Your favourite stress-free sounds. Press play for your daily pause.

2. Clear the clutter

You won’t feel calm if you’re surrounded by clutter. Throw away those old toothpaste tubes, and decant your lotions and potions into storage pots and jars – bonus points for an on-trend terrazzo or powder pink set. Take it back to nature with a wooden cabinet – it’ll keep the rest of your things neat and organised. A bathroom that’s shelfie ready? It means you’re ready to relax.

3. Last-minute moves

Before you get in the bath, pop your laundry in a basket. Those pyjamas on the floor aren’t exactly feng shui certified. A woven style like Hadid’s a good choice – that natural vibe ties everything together. Now all you need to do is grab your candles, book and that all-important drink of choice – a bath bridge keeps everything regimented and within reach (and stops you from spilling your wine).

4. Drying time

The luxury of the spa isn’t just about the massage. Those thick, fluffy towels? That soft, cosy robe? Yes, please. Wrap up and dry off in your choice of cotton, organic fibres or waffle textures. Pale, pastel colours are your fast-track to calm, but bright, sunny tones can lift your spirits, too. Getting out of the bath just got better.

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