Room to breathe: 3 storage ideas for small bedrooms

A cluttered room = a cluttered mind. So how do you keep a small bedroom in check? No need to brush up on your tetris skills or throw away any prized possessions – these 3 simple storage ideas mean there’s a spot for all of your bits and bobs. It’s time to free up a little extra breathing space.

Shelf life

To maximise on space, you’ll need to minimise on furniture. So swap out bedside tables for a floating shelf where it’s just as easy to rest your stuff. You’ll create an open space on either side of the bed, and an eye-catching feature on the walls. Win win. And if you need more room, stack your things on a freestanding shelving unit – the slimmer the better. It’ll take up less floor space and make the room appear bigger. Bonus.

Sleep on it

The biggest problem in a small bedroom is space. So why not utilise what takes up the most? Sleep easy on a storage bed that doubles up as an Ottoman. Its dreamy hidden compartments are a clever hideaway to pile up cushions, blankets, clothes and books. Or slip your things into an under-bed storage trunk, and push it just out of sight. The best bit? When you’re snoozing away on top, no one will ever know. 

Add to basket

What about all those little things that don’t really have a place? And end up in a messy jumble on any available surface. The answer? Opt for a set of storage baskets or stacked boxes in a few different shapes and sizes. They’ll be the key to most of your decluttering woes, and will help you organise your wares. Plus, woven baskets will give your bedroom major boho vibes.

Need a little more help? Check out our Storagesizer to work out what you can fit in your room.

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