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How to create a botanical indoor oasis (without having to buy more houseplants)

Houseplants can make your home feel like a calming oasis. They improve air quality and add a mood-boosting shot of colour to your space.  But all plants require a different level of maintenance. So when you’re trying to tend to a crew of cacti, a thirsty succulent and a needy palm, things can get confusing. 

Don't have the time or space to commit? Worry not. We asked Brett and Caroline, the duo behind London design studio Stengun Drawings, for their tips on curating a botanical haven using well-chosen art and accessories. No watering required.

1. Fill your home with botanical art. Unlike a real plant, it won't wilt, doesn't need watering and will always be in season. A wooden frame with a natural, light finish pairs particularly well with shades of green.

2. Dried flowers are a great way to bring a botanical feel to your home without the hassle of daily maintenance. We like brightly sprayed ones from our local florist. They really pop against a neutral vase.

3. We're fans of paper flowers and have some beautiful jasmine stems, which sit so well in window boxes and don't need any sunlight.

4. Our toddler loves to pull leaves apart, so keeping plants in his nursery is a no-go. Instead, we've customised his toy box by hand-painting it with palms. If you’re not super confident, we’d recommend using acrylic paints and a stencil, then adding varnish to avoid any tarnishing.

5. Who says plant-themed artwork needs to be green? We picked black and white prints to match our monochrome bedding and lighting.

6. Repurpose old pots or pick a terrazzo planter to store paints, paintbrushes and pens.

Article written by: Emily Rogers
Photography by: Caroline Stenning

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