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    The 5 interior trends to buy into now

    We all know how the saying goes: New year, new pouffe. But before you splurge to reinvent your interior in the next months, keep scrolling down to read all about our top 5 interior trends for 2019, predicted by the very reliable trend oracle that is the MADE team. (Oh, and shop the styles while you’re at it.)

    1. Holly, Junior Creative Producer, thinks with “The Blue Planet Effect” sustainability in interiors will fully enter the mainstream

    A collage showing interior shots in natural, light colours like linen in pink and walls in light brown

    Spent last Sunday binging Attenborough’s Dynasties, rooting for David the Chimpanzee? So have we. And we think it reflects a deeper desire to bring nature into our lives: “Documentaries such as Blue Planet and Before the Flood highlight the need for more sustainable practises,” says Holly. “And as more and more conscious consumers make a move towards natural materials and renewable sources, I’d say we’ll see a lot more interiors that create a mindful, zen like space and help the environment. Think woven furniture, potted plants, wooden accents and recycled materials.”

    2. Christine, Senior Product Designer, is going to hold onto those dark colours

    A collage showing interior shots in dark, rich colours like green and rust red

    If we’re looking into the veritable crystal ball that is the Salone del Mobile show, deep saturated hues are here to stay. “In Milan we’ve seen a lot of Racing Green paired with black stained timber," explains Christine. “So in 2019 I’m looking forward to strong hues like deep blues mixed with bottle greens. With our own collections, MADE is going into more Bauhaus-y colours like Royal Blues and Rusty Reds. Come summer, I think it will be all about vibrant and colourful interpretations of modernist industrial backdrops – like raw concrete styled with Pantone’s colour of the year Living Coral.”

    3. For Katja, Showroom Manager in Berlin, the next wave of the Urban Gardening trend is all about growing your own greens

    A collage showing shots of leafy plants and greenery

    “I’m sure the indoor gardening trend will continue to grow even stronger - so many people come into our showroom and ask about our indoor grow designs! And with more design-y and less outdoors-y plant hangers, pots and terrariums available now, there really is a pot out there to suit any taste.” It may even be time to swap your cheese plant for some sage, says Katja:  “I think in 2019 it will not stop at bouquets and indoor plants. Kitchen gardens, inside or outside, with herbs like Basil, Rosemary or Lavender are next. Even homegrown vegetables. I think it’s great because this trend is 2 in 1: stylish and useful.”

    4. According to MADE’s Soho Showroom Manager, Africa, we’ll be embracing raw and unfinished materials

    A collage showing raw materials in interiors, like coppe, leather and wood.

    Things will get rough in 2019 and we’re not talking politics. “Cane, Concrete, Amber glass, Rattan, leather, unfinished wood – I’m really looking forward to some fun texture clashes in interiors next year,” says Africa. “Designs that have a sharp texture contrast are already some of our most sought after in the London Showroom. Our Lomond range for example features a beautiful, warm mango wood alongside welded iron. Our customers (myself included) can’t seem to get enough of it.”

    5. Swap your pink for some yellow says our Social Media Manager, Yulia

    A collage showing mood shots of Millenial Pink styled with Gen Z yellow

    Colours are important. And no colour has been analysed more than Millennial Pink. The era of all pink everything, with whole Social Media accounts being dedicated to the decade defining hue, is not yet over – but a second player is entering the colour game: “It may not (yet) be on the walls of every new brunch place, bar or restaurant in London... but yellow is slowly infiltrating our usually rose tinted Instagram feeds,” observes Yulia. “The warm, cheery shade dubbed as ‘Gen Z Yellow’ is not too poppy and still subtle enough to pair with other soft neutrals. Yes, that includes pink, of course.”

    Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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