The best table lamps for every room of your house

If talk of table lamps makes your eyes light up, this one's for you. While narrowing your lighting options down to the table lamp category is the hardest part, there's still plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the best table lamp for your room. Whether you want a table lamp that's good for reading, or one that adds ambience, this guide should shed some light. (...Sorry.)

Living room table lamps

Adding a table lamp to your living room usually serves one of two purposes: to make a style statement, or to provide mood lighting. When it comes to choosing the right table lamp, let your room be your guide: small living room table lamps mean you can reduce the floor space needed for a side table, leaving you space to store other items. But bigger rooms will need more than one, strategically spread throughout the room, to create the same effect.

Home office table lamps

Home office table lamps have a job to do, so choose a table lamp with an adjustable neck which gives a focused beam of light for reading and working. Industrial table lamps work well here – think exposed filament bulbs and a chrome or copper finish. It'll set the mood for work rather than play.

Bedroom table lamps

Most bedrooms have two bedside tables, so opt for a matching set of table lamps. And because this is a place you'll want to unwind in, we suggest choosing fabric shade table lamps – they'll diffuse the light to give a soft focus. Added bonus: they create a cosy feel, too, especially velvet table lamps, or ones with subtle textural details like fringing.

Table lamps for small spaces

A small room usually means a small table. So, naturally, you'll need a small table lamp. But that doesn't mean short and squat. Instead, think vertical and slim: LED table lamps usually have smaller footprints, thanks to their design. Meaning you can make a statement with space to spare.

Hallway table lamps

Your hallway is the first part of your home a guest will see, setting the tone of the rest of your house. So choose a statement table lamp in a style that represents the rest of your home's decor. For modern interiors, choose a glass table lamp or one with a glossy finish. Or, to achieve an industrial look, a metallic table lamp with an exposed bulb will set the scene.

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