The first 5 items to invest in when decorating your bedroom

When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, there's a lot to consider. Our advice? Start with the basics – they’ll set the foundation, and make your space feel comfy and welcoming from the off. Ready for your boudoir revamp? Here are the first five things to invest in.

1. The right mattress 

A good night’s sleep is one of the fundamentals for a happy, productive day. So trust us on this one: a mattress that suits you and your body will make all the difference, even if you have to keep it on the floor until your dream bed arrives. From sizes to materials to filling, this guide will help you meet your perfect match.

2. Sheets, sheets, sheets

Crisp white cotton or lived-in linen? Few things are more universally appealing than slipping into just-washed sheets. Plus, in a not-quite-finished-room, beautiful bedding in pale pink, snowy white or deep green will make the space look fresh and inviting (even when the walls are covered in paint samples). 

3. Mood lighting

The one thing that really makes or breaks a sanctuary? Lighting. Your bedroom should promote calm and relaxation from the start, so avoid anything too bright. Instead go for wall or table lamps. Eye-catching designs like Ewer and Boll will cast a soft glow and look right at home on your bedside table

4. The storage solution 

Think about starting with a clothing rail. It’s more convenient than keeping your clothes in boxes (no rummaging required) and means you can really take your time hunting for the wardrobe of your dreams. And once you’re fully set up, you can use the rail to display your favourite items. Storage? Sorted. 

5. A good read

Curling up with a book might just be the embodiment of bedroom cosiness, so to wind down at the end of each day, try reaching for your favourite paperback instead of your phone. And, stacked up, a few books can even make a temporary nightstand until you find a permanent solution (but you didn’t read that here).

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