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“The pink velvet goes with my scrubs”

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been thinking (a lot) about what we can do to help medical workers in the fight against COVID-19. So when we heard that many NHS staff were unable to head home for a good night’s sleep between shifts, we came up with a simple idea that we hope will make a difference.



Many people have been asking themselves recently, how can they be more helpful in the current crisis? For us, we realised that meant giving away some of our products to medical staff on the frontline.

We’ve used what stock we have available in the UK to donate everything from sofa beds to cushions, mugs, and plates. So far, we’ve gifted over 1500 products to staff rooms in 120 UK hospitals, with more deliveries on the way.

We hope this will help to better equip hospital break rooms for healthcare workers, and support these hard-working heroes by giving them a more comfortable place to have a well-deserved rest. It’s a small gesture in comparison to the huge amount of work that’s been done by NHS staff, but we’re super happy to see how it’s brightened up the days of some medical workers.

Here are some of our favourite reactions so far:

“S/O @madedotcom for this lush sofa bed for the @RoyalLondonHosp mess. V comfy (I tested) and highly cute. Think the pink velvet goes w my scrubs xoxo #wesitdowndownsoyoudonthaveto #stayonyoursofa”
— Jolanda Joy Schoon, Junior Doctor (@jolanda_joy)

“Perfect addition to the department, thank you @madedotcom for our plates, cups, cutlery, pillows and blankets adding luxury to our shifts! @NHSHomerton @EDHomerton”
— Hannah Jerman, A&E Nurse (@hannahjerman)

“It was quite a glum day at work today so this is just what we needed to brighten everyone’s spirits!”
— John Shubhaker, Moorfields Eye Hospital

“4 nights shifts now starting in an hour but definitely going there with a smile on my face thanks to you guys”
— Ankit Kumar, Queen’s Hospital

“It will make such a difference to anyone who can’t go home at short notice due to huge patient pressures, particularly when they are too tired to drive but need to get some quality rest”
— Kate Graham, Princess of Wales Hospital

A huge thank you everyone in the NHS, from all of us at MADE.



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