This is what a professionally styled dinner table looks like

As a stylist and visual merchandiser, MADE’s very own Isabelle Schmolling has an expert eye for colours and shapes – and makes our Berlin Showroom look uber-inspiring. Recently, she designed the dreamy tablescapes at our intimate dinner party with fellow interior enthusiasts, Friends of Friends. So if you’re looking for some table setting inspo, you’re in the right place.

1. Have a think about how many courses and what type of food you want to serve before you select your dinnerware. I love our Nara set – it comes with the right plates for starters, soups and mains, plus the rich cobalt blue totally enhances anything you place on it. 

2. Get a few flowers for the table – and make sure they’re real statement blooms. Cut the stems quite short, and arrange them in low vases in groups of three. Want your whole dining room to tie in with your table? Spread the same types of flowers around the room on window sills or shelving. (For more flower arranging table tips, click here.)

3. No candle sticks? No problem. Just dot a few tealights on a pretty plate or platter. I like to do this anyway, because it means the flames are quite low on the table and don’t block anyone’s view. (And your guests will appreciate that flattering glow.) 

4. Having different dining chairs around your table looks great, and it also means everyone in your family or friendship group can pick a favourite place to sit. After all, everyone’s unique, and sometimes an armrest or softer cushion makes a real difference to how comfortable someone is. 

5. I find that too much cutlery on the table can be a bit faffy, so here’s what I like to do: put forks to the left of your plate, and knives and spoons to the right. Dessert spoon goes at the top. In terms of glassware, a tumbler for water and fine wine glasses look so elegant. Then, throw a simple linen napkin on each plate, and you're done! 

The perfect playlist for cosy foodie evenings this winter? MADE for dinner, curated by Friends of Friends has got you covered. 

Article written by: Lisa Wenske
Photography by: Marzena Skubatz

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