Tips for organising your bedroom

Spending more time in the bedroom than usual? Whether you’re binge-watching Netflix or simply catching up on those much needed ZZZs, maintaining a neat and organised space will make it easier to unwind and relax. Ready to embrace your inner Marie Kondo? Lucky for you, these bedroom storage ideas are as easy as counting sheep.


1. Time for a clear out

Tidying tactic number one = get Kondo-ing. The organising guru has helped countless people transform their homes, and now it’s your bedroom’s turn. The key here is to rethink what you own, and say goodbye to anything you no longer love or regularly use. Try to sell or give away your stuff rather than binning it – you’ll make someone’s day, and it’s kinder to the planet.


2. Hang on in there

Your new best friends: hooks. We’re all guilty of throwing clothes and bags on the floor, but with these around, there's no excuse. Put them in an unused corner, or create an interesting arrangement above your dressing table. In need of a bit more hanging space? Garment racks are a great way to display your favourite clothes – you can even break your collection down by colour or season. Need to stack your trainers, too? Fibar’s a space-saving mirror that doubles as a shoe rack.


3. Shelve it

Now you’re at it, why not utilise the walls even more? After you’ve hung up your clothes, it’s time for some personal touches. Not only are shelves a great storage solution, they also double as a display area – pop your jewellery and perfume on a small, metallic design (and then snap a quick #shelfie), and complement your plants with a natural material like rattan. If your bedroom has to double as a boardroom, just slide a chair under some wall-mounted shelves to create a desk. (Click here for more bedroom office tips.)


4. Tidy those drawers

Create a little more breathing space with a set of drawers. Bedroom on the petite side? Then go for a design with elegant hair-pin legs to make your room appear more spacious and airy. Next, use dividers to organise smaller items such as socks and undies. And make sure to fold everything neatly. While you’re at it, check out YouTube for some folding tutorials and become a true pro. After all, this is the perfect time to learn a new skill.


5. Store under the bed

The space under your bed is a great hidden storage spot. But it’s important to keep it neat. So instead of throwing stuff down there without any thought, look for storage trunks that are small enough to slide neatly underneath. This one’s breathable and fully lined to protect your spare linen from dust. Or choose a bed with spacious built-in storage, like Kano. It’s even fitted with a clever nook to display your books. Feeling fancy? Then go for a storage bench instead. They’re ideal for keeping out-of-season wardrobe items like scarves and gloves. Now, you can store in style.

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