9 need-to-know interior design trends for 2018

Fashion designers and influencers flooded the interior design space in 2017. The result? A huge year of sophisticated and daring trends for 2018. We spoke to MADE.COM’s design team, the trend forecasters at Pinterest, and our influential design collaborators to find out which styles, materials, colours, and textures will be trending in our homes in 2018.

What styles will be trending in 2018?

Nordic and Industrial looks with safari and global fusion inspirations will be big trends in 2018. “I can’t wait to see the designs inspired by jungle and Eastern Chinoiserie as I think they will have a real impact in 2018,” says Ruth Wasserman, Design Director at MADE.

What materials are on trend in 2018?

While talking to our experts, two key themes kept coming up: maturity and bravery. Using new materials in innovative ways will achieve both.

Gabriella Palumbo


According to Pinterest, “there’s been a 48% increase in people saving terrazzo on their boards.” The forgotten material was huge in the 70s and there seems to be an eco-friendly reason terrazzo is trending in 2018: “It’s all about recycling materials,” says MADE designer Beatriz Nuno. “Young people and high-end designers are trying to experiment with new materials and ways of recycling. It’s actually hard to make recycled materials look appealing. Terrazzo does it really well.”

Concrete and terracotta

In 2018, the desire to bring the outdoors in isn’t stopping with houseplants. “It’s about being braver,” says Beatriz. “Like terrazzo, concrete’s an outdoor material but people will bring it indoors.” As well as providing an industrial edge, concrete and terracotta bring a softness and maturity which will be trending in 2018: “Both have a soft colour palette. It’s industrial but with a really clean look. It feels more grown up.”

What colours will be trending in 2018?

MADE collaborator and the designer of our Lulu collection, Allegra Hicks, is particularly excited about “the combination of different textures and cold and warm colours.” MADE designer Ian Archer expects “bolder use of colour, even with pastels and neons.”

The clash

“We’re going to see a lot of clashing colours in 2018,” says MADE designer Ali Edwards. “There will be reds and greens, but also some mustards and blacks to bring it down a bit so it’s not too crazy.”

Adding opulence

Using luxurious colours to elevate spaces is something that started a year or so ago and is set to get even bigger into 2018. Burnt orange, greens - including forest and cactus green - and peacock blue will all come into their own. “It’s kind of a move on from the gemstone colours. It feels more classic, sophisticated and grown-up,” notes Ali.

What textures should you look out for in 2018?

Adding new textures is a less obvious, but easy way to reinvent your space. Not just visually but physically, too. All of the MADE designers agree that 2017's most popular finish, velvet, will become even bigger, while we can expect to see more leather, in different colours and incarnations in the new year.


Leather has been increasing in prominence for interior designers and is set to be a hot trend for 2018, particularly in bedroom styling. “With all the pink - think that millennial pink which has been going for a couple of years now - it’ll be highlighted with earthy tones like leather," says Beatriz. Designer Ian Archer also notes nubuck leather, in particular, will be on his radar.


In 2017, we saw a massive rise in popularity for the luxurious statement texture and MADE designers think it’ll dominate 2018: “It’s that whole luxe and opulence element,” says Ali. “It makes a space more glam and takes it to the next level.” In fact, eight out of our Instagram top nine featured MADE pieces in velvet. We can't get enough of the stuff!


“We’ve seen a 70% increase in people saving metallic home decor ideas,” says Pinterest. “Metallics are still huge but they’ll be brushed instead of bright and shiny,” adds Ali. “It’s more liveable as they’re less bright and less bling bling,” says Beatriz.

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements

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