Toys. Not just for playtime.

Toys. Not just for playtime.

Flowers in a vase suddenly feel so… safe. Step in the hot micro trend we’ve spotted on our home tour shoots: toys as decoration. We asked some creative homeowners about how their favourite childhood toys fit into their grownup interiors. Without ending up living in a playroom.

LEGO love

Architect James Lockwood dedicated an entire room to his LEGO collection, but his favourite pieces are dotted around his home. “Matt (James’ husband) bought me the spaceship in about 2012. For me, it’s a statement piece as much as anything else and it just looks really cool.”

Keep it casual

“You know it’s too much when it starts to feel like a gimmick, when it looks too stylised”, editor-in-chief of Belgian lifestyle website Katrin Swartenbroux explains. “Let it grow organically… my toys never stay in the same place.”

Don’t overdo it

Katrin: “I came across some cute guinea-pig statuettes recently, but had to tell myself to calm down. At this point, I feel like I would be overdoing it. Items like these need a special value. There’s genuinely not a single object in my home that doesn't have a story or memory. If you don’t follow a strategy other than your heart, I think you’ll know when it’s enough.”

Keep calm

Nor-Folk Creative Director Fiona Burrage has managed to make the toys her kids play with work with her sleek interior: “Choose a neutral or pastel colour palette to maintain a calm atmosphere. It really helps when you're adding colourful toys.” So if you’re planning on adding your actual childhood toys to your interior, you know what to do.

Don’t play it cool

“Don’t buy a dinosaur figurine because people think it’s cool”, Katrin says, suggesting that if you have any old toy boxes left from your childhood, you should explore those and choose your favourite pieces. “Keep it real. Your interior should reflect who you are, not what’s on trend.”

The Pez Effect

Luxury wedding planner at Knot & Pop, Susie Young, thinks it’s the objects with a past that make her house feel like home: “It’s nice to look around and be reminded of something from your childhood. When my sister and I were little, we loved Pez so I kept some, and over the years my collection grew.”

Article written by: Wided Bouchrika

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