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Trend report: the colours you’ll love this year

It’s that time again! The colour trend report for 2021 has landed, and is here for all your decorating needs. As always when we’re after colour advice, we teamed up with our friends at Lick. Here, colour expert Tash Bradley reveals her trend predictions for the year ahead. Excited? So are we.



1. Beige is back

Yes, you read that right. After a good decade of looking down our noses at this neutral shade, we’ll want it on our walls once again. “The 2021 trend colours are all about being grounded, in both senses of the word,” explains Tash. “We’ll crave the comfort and stability of timeless shades that won’t overwhelm us if we’re looking at them all day. And beige, plus its close relatives stone and warm white, embody exactly that.”

2. We’re going au naturel 

Our greatest colour inspiration next year? Nature. “Many of the colours we’ll be bringing into our homes in 2021 will be inspired by the countryside,” says Tash. “Take blue for example. As the world’s favourite colour it’ll always be around in some form, but we’re moving away from punchy cobalts towards soothing sky and ocean blues – shades that feel like taking a deep breath, and help to clear the mind.”



3. Green is the new grey 

Want a bit more ‘colour colour’? Then go green. “Green stands for health, happiness and nature, so pretty much everything we were craving this year. Plus, it’s extremely versatile – it can be used as an almost neutral background colour, or a bold style statement. In any case, greens will be everywhere next year, replacing grey as a chic all-rounder. I have a hunch that thanks to its calming character, it’ll go on many a bedroom wall.” 

4. Red is taking a little break...

“Red is very stimulating. That was great when people were still out and about for most of the day, as it's a very atmospheric shade to come home to, but it's not what people are in the mood for right now; when you’re at home a lot, you don’t want to feel ‘on’ all the time.” We hear you. 



5. …with the exception of terracotta

“Take a soft dusky pink, mix it with inspiring red and grounding brown, and you get terracotta. It’s a shade that will only grow in popularity. It has that clay-like earthiness about it that signals warmth and stability. If a good long hug was a colour, this would be it.” (And it’s a great choice for your kitchen – find out why here.)

6. Get ready for a new nostalgia 

“One thing I’m noticing is that many of my clients now look towards their own childhood for colour inspiration, wanting to bring back shades they first experienced in their parents’ or grandparents’ homes.” Why are we looking to the past for ideas? “Familiarity and predictability are one side of it,” says Tash. “But I also like to think of this trend as recycling ideas. You may have already reupholstered your granny’s old armchair, and in 2021, you’re upcycling her colour scheme, too.” 

Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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